NEW SYSTEM PROPOSAL #1 – University of Self Education – A need for Legitamicy

I started this as a rant and somewhere along the way it turned into a new project proposal form. I apologize for the appairent jump from useless non serious discussion to a much more serious topic of value and importance. In fact i really should have seperated the proposal entirely to eliminate downplaying the importance of it. But those who matter dont mind and those who mind, well….


Excuse any spelling errors. Bad case of sticky keyboard.
Thanks for reading !

Fuck you whoever smoked my shit. Better enjoy that you bitch !
I begin to realize
That nothing in this world even comes close
To being as fun as
And then reading/writing/and making art while high.
Once you pass the one day mark
And nerves arent as much through the roof
And insanity begins
What better way to spend your time
Than to ride the crazy train
If i were able to aqcuire this level of insight and creativity without the drugs then i wouidnt need them.
What do you normal people think we do while on meth ?
Scrub the floor clean with a toothbrush , run naked in a busy intersection, jump off buildings n shit ?
Not really. That ideology is generally false. Cleaning can be fun yes, but theres nothing i love more than reading and expanding my knowledge.
Shocking ? Its a great tool for concentration, sparking interest and a higher level of understanding content.
After all, for someone with only a grade 9 education, id say that my understanding of various topics on the many subjects of science and art, for example, is above average.
There should be a school of self education. Id go far.  But attending classes all tweaked out is not something id be good at.

For example
Cite the main topics of a course that would need to be covered and ill teach myself that and more in no time. I would exceed expectations. Im so good at teaching myself.
Anyways by allowing the student to be self taught, they are able to choose whatever learning method they benefit the most from, choose whichever content is most appealing to them thus making it easier for them and allows them to maximize  their engagement by having their full interest,  (since they read what interests THEM rather than what they  are obligated to read)  this also allows their mind to further wander and obtain a greater range of information.
They also can work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home which also maximizes productivity and success.
Think of those with ‘mental health’ variations that may stop them from reaching their full potential if they were required to attend classes everyday in a large and busy school.
Take anxiety disorders as an example. Would someone with such issues do better while  comfortable in their own home, or while being a nervous wreck in a classroom
Its simple.
Provide student with course outline.
Student goes home and self educates himself usually by reading
He reads aalllllll there is to know about such topics.
He can take notes
Student is given a time frame
Once time frame is up, student takes final test.
how much the student really applied himself will show in test results.
I think a copy of the list of all content he accessed and used should be provided as well
Did he access books and articles and really dig to accumulate the best info ppssible and as much as possible?
Did he check for credibility of the sources?

Idk how university works
So if he cant use notes for a test make him take it in the classroom
If notes and data are allowed then location of test shouldnt matter
If notes are allowed then no travelling is required and student can complete test at desired location and have it transferred via Web to director/teacher
Closed book tests should be supervised. Student must then vacate to nearest location, take test while supervised and then it may be shipped off to directors location , or student could travel to director entirely. Whatever accomodates the individual.

Test could also be divided into the topics in which it is consisted of, and taken as he goes along with the course
Alternatively , he could write an essay or informational factsheet about all that hes learned. 30 pages minimum.


There are so many who apply themselves and acquire knowledge just as a hobby, why let that go wasted ? If fhey know enough to friggin have a degree then why the @*#& not !?!?!? They could acztually make something of fhemselves rather than learning and then practically throwing all the knowledge away never using it again
These individuals have social, culteral, psychological and maybe even financial obstacles preventing them to enroll and attend a regular university.
Among them could be someone who could change the world. Wouldnt that be a shame if we never saw them reach that potential because they, for example, come from a poor family and spend a lot of time working hard to help make ends meet
Someone too afraid to leave their home due to some kind of imbalance in the brain
A woman whose culteral beliefs prevent her from obtaining an education.

It should be noted that anyone seeking education through this system must be absolutely serious and dedicated. Must be mature and responsable. Preferably has demonstrated excellent idependent skills , is hard working and excels in working alone.
As he has a much greater responsability than a regular student. He must seek out and teach hs own content.

Similar systems already exist in modern day world in schools although im unsure of them existing within universities. But this particular new system takes it a step forward by allowing student to study whichever material they decide on and completely on their own, rather than providing the material, usually in packets of paper divided by course units. Generally it contains reading material, questions to both make them think deeper and also actually provide an answer to.
One may worry this is too much responsabiliyy placed on the student.
If hes the right candidate for the system, he will greatly benefit.
They are deciding whats relevant for THEIR gathering of the knowledge, what interests and excites them, eliminating any risk of losing interest and focus thus poorer success  it is a far more enthusiastic experience.

Also more cost efficient. While a course director or ‘teacher’ is still needed, an actual classroom isnt. Thus freeing up space for those who need it. Teacher must only prepare test(s) . Thus is not needed to be paid in full.
Money saved on course materials and textbooks
Economnic growth by upping number of individuals in the working field
The more the better. The more ideas, the more point of views, the more stimulation and growth of that area.

Education shouldnt come with a pricetag. In a perfect world, school would be free.
As far as the cost for students… it should be discussed. Keep in mind there arent really any requirements involving cost so overall cost for the students should be less than a regular student tuition.
We want to help those in tough financial stress . Cost should be kept fairly low.

Ideal candidate:
Possess and demonstrate strong independent skills in previous academics
Display good responsability and maturity
Strive for excellence and impact in their community
Obtained a score of C or higher in all previous academics
General demonstration  that education is of a high priority, eagerness to learn and good communication skills / listening skills

This helps keep those with possible restraints or differences seperated so that they do not clash and cause dissruption in one or the other.
This helps those who may be struggling to launch themselves into society and add valuable information to it.
This helps with the risk of possible harrassment from outside agencies
Maximizes life experience

Neda Kalantar, 28, from east india. Her interest is political science. She cannot go to school as her culture is a blockade. If she had a degree she could  introduce new theories and development to her country.
Serena Holland, 25, philosophy. A degree would get her pre existing work noticed impose new ideas and stimulate new comers. Depression stops her from getting fully motivated to attend a classroom.

Idea of new system stems from pre existing similar systems
Differentiate by placing all responsability on student
Costs almost virtually nothing (for facilitators)
Saves money, time and space
Adds life value
Everyone benefits. More number in work field = more info, insights and ideas = further growth of economy and society
Individuals are now contributing  therefore are more secure, therefore agencies spend less time and dollars on them
Higher the success, higher the new ideas and inventions, higher the economy.

people with such a passion should be lifted up and raised to their fullest potential. Not diminished and opressed. Great thinkers should be rewarded and not punished. With fear in the way, how will you ever know what could have been ? What they could have brought to BETTER and help grow. If you dont act now it might then be too late. Education legitamicy should be available to all who are in need. This is part of our right to freedom and expression.

Submitted by : K.A.S., Canada.

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