Looking through the glass…. a poem. l

Ice in her veins
And she is awakened
Her heart may be broken
But shes still fascinated

The fire she carries inside
Thats what keeps her alive
Years go by, they seem wasted
Seems they have all been a lie.

She thinks that shes found
A secret new place
She stays a little while
Then leaves with no trace.

Shes found a new meaning
Maybe life has a reason
For once she feels purpose
And not so much demons

Shes fighting a battle
Between evil and good
A war in her mind
She’d stop if she could

She thought she was special
She thought she was great
Until finally she realized ..
Or was it too late?

She thought she did good
She thought she was right
But she was no different
Than the cold black night

“We have to stop fighting
We have to make peace
We are not so much different
We must end this disease ?”

“Surrender to us
For you can never win
The monster so strong
Which lies from within”

For this place was nothing
But her mind’s imagination
Artificially self created
Through manifestation

She held on to false hope
A false reality and false dreams
In a world of her own now
And all alone too it seems.

She’d stay there forever
She didnt mind it at all.
Because there she had faith
In a world outside these walls

One closer to home
It was near, she could tell
Where she longed to be
Away from this hell

Her eyes were as red
As the blood from the needle
She hated herself more than anything
More so than these people.

The very windows to her soul
Painted in pitchfork red
Like the devil himself
She played with and fed

She lays down, relaxes
And closes her eyes
She finally escapes
And says her goodbyes

For now shes at home
Shes safe in her dreams
Where no one can scare her
Not even their screams

This madness and monster
She tries to hide from
A simple reflection
Of what shes become

Little did she know
She danced with the devil
The game was the same
But at a higher level

While she sleeps she restores
Her brain and perception
Back to normal reality
Until her next injection

See, thats the devils poison
And curiosity killed the cat
How could any good come from this
If she only understood that.

In order to reach heaven
You must first go through hell
So thats what she did
And then said farewell

She kissed them goodbye
And waved as she left
Into a new dimension now…
Onto a new quest.

That day there on earth
She slept there forever
The battle was over
No more fighting whoever.

It seemed like she slept
For ten thousand years
Before she finally woke up
In a brand new atmosphere

Her body was gone
It was such a strange sight
To see that her skin
Was nothing but light

All around her were lights
Just like her own
Equally as beautiful
No one was outshone.

She felt so much love
And then it was clear
This is the place of the angels
The place with no fear

The journey was long,
Exhausting and rough
She did what she could
And that was enough

Now home with the angels
The valley of light
She never has to worry
About another awful fight

The ice in her veins
Now melted and gone
Shattered heart, whole again
Like the darkness at dawn

And forever they all made love in the skies
They laughed as they sang and they danced
Even though they had forever
And forever they lived as if it were their last

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