I hear them calling my name


I hear them. I hear them loud and clear.
They call my name, they call me for my duties.
But they dont understand that sometimes we need to take time for ourselves. Changes must be made.
I have found other things that give me joy
And i have found other ways to improve.
This is not a goodbye. This does not mean farewell. This is simply see you later or, be right back.
This is my letter of temporary resignment.
I do truly believe in my heart and soul that i, we, have made great accomplishments.
But now there are things i must accomplish that does not involve anything here.
While i am away i will do what i can to continue to contribute, sustain my loyalty, and take what i have learned here and apply it in my everyday life.
I wont forget my role of importance but now i must reflect upon it all. My past, and my future.
There is a time and a place for everything and this is not it.

Goodbye for now.
I will be back someday.
Perhaps sooner than later.

with love. ♡

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