im going back.


I am SO tired
Been up for a couple days
Oh well
Sleep dep helps me… think. And come to conclusions.
Just look at that photo. It says a lot doesnt it. The revolution is now, and the war between good and bad is at an all time high.

What i need to do is continue with my travels, research and studies so that i can make more documents for the relevant organization in which they can use and put into place as soon as i have it completed.

You know, you dont even have to be religious, just be very kind and gentle. I mean thats all really what you can do ad an individual. Spread love peace and unity.

Now. Critics argue that my reports and documents are not even authentic because of the method of travel that i use which is therefore causing my work to be invalid.
I was so incredibly sad when i read the long debate over whether or not my work is acceptable.
But, the conclusion i seem to have gotten out of it, is that, you know what, it helps us and gets us somewhere, so we wont discredit the work.
For now, for the crisis we are currently fast forwarding into it seems, the fastest and, in reality, the only method i know to get to where i need to be, is the best option for now.
I must admit though, i was not prepared for this one. In fact, i should really use a new method… learn a new one ASAP.
I dont see the difference to be honest. I wish not to boast but… i am very good with critical thinking. Logic in the tier and analysis. And just writing in general.
(Dont laugh if i suck)
Not but when im on my level, and come up with work, oh man, that is some INSAAANE university hardcore level writing skills.

I need to sleep. I keep seeing my best friend to my right. No ones here. I havent really tried yet. Sleeping, that is.
My head just keeps going and going, this app has changed my life, its nice to actually get my stupid randomness out there rather than imagine ghosts flipping through my diary. You know what i mean ? Its out there. I couldnt care less if i got 1 viewer or 39483. I just think its amazing people do look. Anyways MUST SLEEP im not back on the ground yet ! I must force galactical landing. LOL !!!


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