Numerology in a higher state


One little post before i pass right out from this  diazepam.

For me it is inevitable.
And my complete insanity in which others were viewing it as pure psychosis and schizophrenia,
I have been able to prove it was indeed all for a reason.

Numbers. Letters and names. Especially numbers.
When i am in a state of higher conscienceness
I have fun reading everything i can, trying to connect any numbers on any, of course, reputable website or article or just anything really.this method can lead me to crucial information. Other times its a complete waste of know  what ? I dont even believe time exists. So why should i believe in numbers ? But for me, they definitely serve a purpose.

After a while though, your brain really needs to take a break. I mean, really just fucking STOP trying to match up numbers in any damn article or piece of info and even doing all sorts fucking ALGEBRA to get the number i bloody need !

Im kidding. It shouldnt be so complicated like that. It should just be like POOF ! And there you have it. Right ? I dont know. Ive only been doing this for a few years off and on and i am not always interested in numbers. Except 11. Which is why i think the truth has been presented to me on January First. 11.

My encounter earlier today
The unworldly one.
With someone very special
He gave me a card with his number and email which i think he said to use if i ever wanted to have another profound conversation
I feel like it may be just like a once in a life time thing and that those numbers and letters should be used.. you know.. to connect some dots.? Rather than email or call him back ? Or is that the fear speaking again.
I was a little disappointed there was no ’11’ in his phone number haha. Im sure though if i went completely nuts i could have found a way to add some numbas up to get a damn 11 out of it. Haha

Anyways, spent my day reading and reading and reading and everything that happened made so much perfect sense.
(Except the numbers. Still need to figure that out. Hah!)

Isnt our earth such a mystical place ?
Just gotta focus on not letting fear ruin your full potential


Good Night everyone. Sweet dreams. I feel like lucid dreaming tonight. I hope that happens. I LOVE THOSE SO MUCH
i think i am from there, actually.

Ta-ta !!!


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