Mission status ?


Man… what a rollercoaster last night and the morning was.
I mean… really ? Im just that deep and loving that you cant handle it ?
Because i have a heart and a soul and arent a complete sad slave to a terrible drug ?
Because you all hail satan and Pure Love is MY god ?

Anyways. It bugged me all day. I mean, what went wrong ? Why so much hostility ? I have never experienced such level of anger, from my simple acts of love and generosity and kind words.

Did i seem not sincere, and fake ?
Are we not allowed to have our own beliefs and share our knowledge with those who want to engage in such a conversation ?
Are they really different entities from some other place where darkness rules ?
Does this thing expose who someone is ?
Did she think i was trying to convert her into some type of crazy christian religion or something of the sort ?
Are chicks STILL jealous about something about me (even though i weigh 372847 pounds now?)
Its not my fault all your men think im ‘hot’
I mean damn, invite her over for dinner and a threesome.
Was she on a power trip and pissed that she wasnt intimidating me

There are so many factors as to why this played out and ended like it did.
Why she was so unhappy with me.
Dang, i think that thing really turns people into lil devils.
And if not, (such as my case) it turns those around you into little… terrors.

I mean i dont know why the effects were opposite for me.
It opened me up to a whole new world of magic, missions and well to be honest, absolute horror too.

I mean, i dont know. I did some reading today and i think i am figuring stuff out. Like, i mean i have been all this time slowly but surely. But as i progress it slowly becomes more clear.

“Shooting star, im unbreakable. Im invincible. Shooting star, you cant stop me now, you cant break me down”

“Flying so high way up in the clouds
You cant even see me
Seeing places ive never seen
Theres no turning back now”
(Song by Keisha Cole)

Anyways. So as i was leaving, she said, I DONT LIKE YOU.
im like well why ?
Was her response.

So i, i thought about her harsh words and violent opposition towards me.

This could also mean a few different things.
Well like i said she could have been on some crazy food induced power trip, and was mad i showed little to no reaction to this.  (Hurray for alcohol)
Otherwise yeah, that situation would have been pretty uncomfortable for me soo LET US BE THANKFUL FOR THE RUM, FOR THE WINE, FOR THE ROCKSTAR VODKAS AND THE KING CANS. LMAO.

so to make a long story short. Never have i experienced such hostility from someone whom i made a point to be extra kind to (its her place after all)
Complete sincerity with my compliments. High rate of generosity.
It really got to me. She was all over the place. Having mood swings, or perhaps she was trying to start shit because her friends boyfriend thought I was good looking.

Anyways. E and I left. My voice shook ever so slightly as i spoke. Could have been partially cause of the extremely dry throat and mouth too though.

Oh and I retaliated. I dont know. Maybe i should have just been like COOL STORY BRO and left. But i was very upset after all i gave to her, MY FAVOURITE DAMN HIGHLIGHTER (makeup) shared all my food with everyone, hardly got any of it anyway probably like just 20% of it all.
But i thought hey, they need it more than i do .. i wont make a list but yeah, i was pretty upset with her output of negativity.. i dont know if i understand or not. But i cried, it really rattled me for the rest of the morning.

Puny glass of milk sometime after i got home and well it cheered me up a bit and i did what i love best !! Read.

With that being said, do they envy my knowledge and superb quality of human personality… ha.. the mystery of the hungry and angry group of people !!
Thats EXACTLY what this is.


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