I gave you my heart but you wanted my soul

Well guys
Did a little research this weekend
And it made me realize
That while it may be interesting
And extremely somehow understanding
It isnt simply about reading and gathering knowledge.
It is, but i must put together projects, opinions and suggestions.

Im trying to figure out what to do with the topic that has been of intetest lately.
Im so tired but may continue my studies this afternoon.
Im extremely confused as to what i must do with all this information in which i am acquiring.
But dont worry, i’ll figure it out.
It may take a while – like every research session whether it be just a couple hours or a couple days – are pieces of a puzzle i know i must complete.

I heard criticism which seemed to be relevant to one of my past posts.
I want to remind everyone that all i do is not to change, ruin or destroy anyone in any way. But to simply show them a little insight on my experiences and beliefs that are not just beliefs i was taught or decided to believe.
Everything comes from past real experiences. Words pour out of me. It comes naturally and im really just trying to make this place a more lively and lovely one.

Is it too much ? Does the dark retaliate far too strong ? Stop seeking revenge. There is no need. Stop igniting us with fear. ‘Bad’ things happen to me far far too often and my heart breaks but it heals. As for my soul… it is wise and that is one thing i know for sure can never be stolen from me.

Stop and consider my recommendations. They may turn out to be great ideas for all of you whatever ideas in which i come up with.

“Angels said from up above
I want to light you up”



Let me show you beauty

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