Stars are Blind

“You left in peace
Left me in pieces
Too hard to breathe”

You dont even know what you did to me.
Now i just wanna say im sorry

I dont ever want anyone to fall in love with me
Its just way too risky

If im not in love with them too
Karma will come back after me
Break me down all over again
When im least expecting it

Now im scared
I used to fall so fast and so hard
I just cant do it anymore.

Im left with so many scars
Ill never let anyone sweep me off my feet again
Im never going to trust a single person again
I dont even know what to think anymore
My mind is in a constant war
Please show me truth

A taste of heaven
Ended far too soon
Perhaps it was a lesson
To know what heaven feels like.

A taste of my own medicine
Those were not my intentions
I did not even take it that far
What happened was fucking harsh

I was fine all by myself
Now i want someone else
I want that more than anything
It makes me want to cry
I dont know who runs this place
Im falling from grace
So much in me has been erased

Art attack
Magic thats black
Put your coat on the rack
Sell your soul for a sack
I feel so off track
This was more than i could hack
I heard everyone clap
Was it just a trap
I dont want to attack
Someone give me a map
I need to find my way back
The time before all this crap
Someone give me some facts
Mice running from cats
All they do is laugh
I shouldnt fucking do that
But im a star at least and i live for the applause


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