This is so lame

He wanted her more
Than anyones ever had
“What do you like me for?”
His answer made her sad.

He may have liked her at that time
For reasons he never specified
Regardless, it always starts physical
Too bad she had to get technical.

She knew in her heart he was real
So what was her deal?
She liked that boy, yes indeed
It was her chance to feel complete.

He wasnt perfect
But for her, he was.
They shared everything in common
From humour to drugs.

“Well here you go !
Claim your prize !
This is what you asked for
Heres what i could find”

“Hes a gentleman, he’ll take care of you
Make sure youre happy, in bed too
Hes even got those dreamy blues
And super sexy knuckle tattoos”

“Third times the charm you always say”
Indeed the proof was right there.
Instead she wasted day after day
Not letting go of fears company

Her fear tempted her fate to end
She knew what she was doing.
She wanted to do what had been done to her
To see what it felt like, to see if it got rid of the hurt

Oh, but darling.
Never ever do such a thing.
Karma slaps you right in the face
And the pain is twice as heavy.

Now hes gone.
And he doesnt care.
He knew she’d regret it
Because she didnt play fair.

Oh, honey.
Look what youve done.

Now you miss him?
Now you miss him bugging you to hug him and hold him
And the way he felt like a man
And you felt safe
As you rested against his chest.
And how he grabbed your hand during the movie
And would love to have showed you off
I bet you miss all the attention
That you got from him
Bet you miss the boozy nights of passionate pleasure and pure fucking delight
You miss being called baby
You miss someone being crazy about you
Oh, now you want to lie with him all morning
Run your fingers through his messy hair
And look into his multidimensional eyes
Searching for his depth.

I realize now.
Oh, why must i realize this only when hes gone.

I….. i dont know how to do any of this……..

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