Happy is not hard

What is happiness ?
Happiness is …
Being who you want to be, behaving, doing, thinking, just everything, free of concern over judgement from others.

Perhaps its in the arms of another. Safe, secure, protected. A blanket that only love can offer.

Its walking around the city on a beautiful winters day. Sparkles of the snow, trees dusted in white, the high energy vibes of downtown. Ive been there a thousand times but theres always something new to see, to discover. Hidden gems. People and places. Hidden lovers.

Its making someone happy. Something as simple as a compliment on a new haircut. The look of brightness on a face after kindness. Making others happy is a shortcut to temporary contentment.

Its feeling good about yourself and accomplishments. Its keeping busy, no time for boredom. Its reading, learning, a good conversation with a good person, hearing stories, sharing knowledge.

Its being alone, in your safe place, gathering all your scattered thoughts you left everywhere. Its organizing them and coming to a new understanding or insight. Comprehending that of which you hadn’t before.

Treating everything like an adventure, a lesson, or an opportunity. Stories and knowledge is everywhere, waiting to be shared or discovered. The lost soul forever trying to find his purpose. He has lots he could teach – perhaps that is his purpose.

A lost soul is one who desperately tries to fit in, find his place, find some belonging in a world theyre not sure is theirs. The purpose for them is to go through life, teaching and demonstrating and educating. They were placed here to try and help shape a better future – one story, one lesson, one person at a time.

Happiness is realizing there is more to life than what goes on behind the scenes. Not just knowing, but accepting it. All the good the bad and the downright disturbing. Letting go of the fear, denial, and anxiety of it all. The world has gone mad,  not us.

Its doing everything with heart and soul. Even when your soul is tired. The point is to never stop despite what obstacles have tried to tear you apart. Bruises fade, bones heal and broken hearts become unbroken again.

Happiness is simply seeing the beauty in everything. The beauty of the simple things. A conversation with a stranger. The way the sun reflects on the water. The morning birds song. The hum of the moon.

You create your own happiness. Much like you create your own world, your reality. If you believe you are happy it will manifest as happiness

Happiness is nothing more than choosing happiness.



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