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My steps to happiness

  • Dont live with assholes
  • Fill your room with whatever makes you happy
  • Be kind, be generous, and be helpful. But know when to draw the line and dont let people walk all over you. Takes some getting used to – you may feel like youre ‘mean’ or a ‘bad person.’ But you just cant always be pleasing everyone.
  • Take care of your own needs before others. Its your life, it should be the most important.
  • Take risks. Youll regret everything you wish you had done but didnt.
  • Listen to lots of good music
  • Eat healthy and dont be a couch potato all the time. Go walking. Enjoy the fresh air and nature.
  • Say what you feel and never regret it because it matters and youll find out who really cares, and you dont wanna miss out on anything. This can be scary, but once you learn to let go of those who dont give a shit about your feelings it really doesnt matter.
  • If you love somebody, tell them.
  • And if its mutual well then say it as often as you can. Life is so short and so precious.
  • Feel peoples energy. Their energy says a lot about the person whethet in general or how they feel about you.
  • Dont chase anyone who wont chase you back.
  • Looking your best wil help you feel your best as well.
  • Engage in your favourite hobbies
  • Hang out with positive, happy and fun people
  • Be friendly. Talk to people. Everyone has a story or a lesson.
  • Light candles
  • Wake up with determination, set goals and dream big
  • Reward yourself.
  • Dare to be curious
  • Treat everyday like an adventure
  • Positive thoughts equals positive outcome.
  • Never stop questioning
  • Embrace the bad days and remind yourself that it wont last.
  • Find work you enjoy. Not just for a big salary
  • Drink water
  • Be an honest person
  • Be a genuine person
  • Be yourself
  • Disregard others’ opinions.
  • Dont be racist
  • Travel and see new places
  • Dance
  • Love yourself
  • Watch trailer park boys. Smoke weed first if possible :p

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