To be modified

So im a jew now ?

AND indian ?

Do jewish indians exist ?

Sure. If you insist.

Time passes, missed

History in the past, dismissed

Heart beating fast

I must be nervous

Trying not to touch the windows

Striving for cleanliness

Outside you hear the winds

Voices of those left unspoken

Pleading to come in.

Darkness falls and i am relit

Raging fire deep within

So much to do

But where do i begin ?

Body feels tired heavy and sick

Shouldnt have embarked on this trip.

Shouldnt have gave into his sin

Although far from what i expected

It feels weird now. It feels different.

Emptiness engulfs all of my organs

Thoughts slow down and need to process

I prefer the total nonsense

I prefer the total madness

That escape is total bliss

I must go on another rampage

Before the clock says its too late


Bored again this sucks i dont even want to post this but ah whatever i need to get my shit together …. oh my poor head


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