April Fools.
I hear them even without words.
Laughing, chanting
Shes lost, you lose.

I hush the ghouls
Quiet now, muffling
I thought i told you
Im create my own rules.

Doors wide open.
Will you stay or will you go
I do enjoy you being here
Your choice, you choose.

On to the next portal
They journey through a jungle
For the kingdom
Of the immortal
Is just another couple miles.

Is an illusion
Space creates this.
A timeline
A surface
Moving with the moon
The waves, the tides

The sun and the moon
Two perfect lovers
Eachother they very rarely see
Eachother they only dream
Together what they could be
A mystery, tragically.

They dont know
No one knows
They wanna tear you apart
So they can know
Pick your bones
Friends and foes.

The desert is hot
Rain drops fall
Its been a hundred years
At least
The thirsty, they feast
Rushing water, pouring free

Deep in the woods
Under the dirt
Life awaiting to grow
Lightning strikes and booming thunder
The gift of life, it, flourishes

East coast
Down by the river
Rushing currents
Brings families close.

Down south
Gates unlock
Humans run, becoming one
Beating heart, souls unite.
Free at last, discovering fun.

And in the mid west
Where the sweet poppies grow
Their empty hands are now plentifull.
The sick arent sick no more.
Farmers make a living
They have a family, they have a home.

It snows
The land of the free, the blessed
Sweet things we already know.
Angels come, and more we grow.


Diamonds are forever

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