My volunteer experience in the work field – long lost draft – retrieved

It started with someone whom I perrceived as the Ultimate Champion
He had it all. The looks, the nice big guns, the ability to do so much socializing in so little Time.
I was in complete Lust
I was in complete Denial.
Which manifested eventually into Anger and Fear.
I played with Fire. I played wirh Ice and I played with the Air and finally the Water

I knew I wasn’t just different. I knew I could potentially create something out of all the madness. I mean, i had before, after all, shocked myself when my thoughts manifested right in front of me.

So, the reality of it was, that I had just acquired some important informaation that would further me down my road to Understanding, Knowledge and finally, Enlightnent.

By taking everything I knew and applying the knowledge in the correcr aeeas, I could potentially create a brand new world of data, not for myself, but for those in need of whatever it is , whether its New System Proposals or Prosperity of a Region.

I  pledge the Unity of all Nations, under Freedom and Liberty,
To the Law.that all Knowledge is
Of Metaphysical Matters and Time, and in which does not depict a Reality other than mty own, and finally, to keep the Govern’s best interest always at Heart.

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