Thoughts i want to share on helping eachother grow spiritually.

As the tears flowed like rushing rivers down my face for longer than i can remember
As i engaged in reading content from other members
It was like messages being spoken from sources other than the author itself.
It spoke volumes as i gained insight and understanding of perpectives and answers  that i was forever longing.

After what felt like an eternity of bruising of my soul and shattered pieces
I got it all out of my system. I was, after all, lacking in taking care of my physical vessel.
Days of malnourishment and dehydration, nothing but toxins and chemicals.
Im sure the lack of attention to my body played a big role in the lack of the emotional and well being of the soul.

Finally i ate a granola bar and painfully swallowed my water.
I sat outside in our citys third winter, cold and i smoked the first cigatette in what seemed like an infinite abundance of time, although it was probably less than 24 hours. But i really dont have any grasp whatsover on the concept of time when i am so immersed into the depths of my true passion – reading and writing.

ANYWAYS . I finally took the time to read what other bloggers had to say. Realizing that this whole time i had been pretty selfish. Not realizing that input = output. And they should always be at least equal.

I thought my mind was far too complex for anyone to ever understand. I thought that my ramblings were nothing but a release of my traffic that flooded the very streets of my mind.

I was in complete awe and amazement that there are soo many like me, almost identical, with the same complexity which i always merely identified it as the abyss of my personal insanity.

And then i realized, not only is this a creative outlet for us to let our traffic flow until empty,
But its also the biggest community of support i have ever happily discovered.
I am not alone ! So many share the exact same difficulties, spirits and souls, experiences, and most importantly, journeys !!!

Every blog post i have read in the last 12 hours or more, spoke to me, either as a reflection of my own thoughts or other difficulties i yearned to have at least some understanding
And then it dawned on me that this is part of the ascension process. When you become one with the universe.

Ive never felt more relieved. Just knowing were all here, together, growing, learning, and ascending to the highest spiritual being we possibly can make of ourselves.

I felt so alone. Like i was mental and this was nothing but a tainted and weak mind. But no. We are all connected, and we are here to raise eachother up and encourage to strive on our paths of our journeys.

Such an exciting time for us !!! Lets continue questioning, supporting, offering anything whether it be simply a thank you if has helped your growth in any way shape or form. I think recognition from our fellow brothers and sisters is the most rewarding – the simple confirmation that you have indeed, contributed and helped.

Ive actually reached out and have spoken to so many today, and i could truly feel the love, care, and gratitude in my very soul. Im not just saying this either. The discovery of beautiful human beings that are made up entirely of love and empathy restored any pain i was experiencing previously. And for that i want to say thank you.

Perhaps everything we seek is on this very platform, where we have freedom of speech, we are human, and we do this because we want to. This is whats important to us. Where else can you find journeys that forever grow ? Sure, other web sources may come in handy. But there comes a time where everybody elses development is fundamental to our own, as there is so much we can learn from eachother all while encouraging, developing, and expanding together which ultimately is, i believe, a very important part of the process.

Ahhhh. What a great epiphany this has been.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts i want to share on helping eachother grow spiritually.

  1. I relate to your post especially in this moment and time. I’m not out of the abyss just yet- but I am at least aware of the abyss and it’s devastation in my state and my spirit- which is a step in the right direction. It sounds like you are too and possibly one step further in your journey to the lighter side of your own personal cave and journeys (Plato reference of course lol).I’m glad you’re making progress and I hope you continue to 😎✌🏽️❤️ I look forward to reading your blog more as well!

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    • Thank you so much ! Means a lot. My journey always poses so many doubts but i carry on as best i can. I really dont know how one can identify exactly how ‘far’ they have ascended but my only wish is to guide those who are also doubting themselves and encourage them to keep moving forward no matter what hardships the dark side iof universe throws at them.

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