Too high, cant come down

“She’s something mystical in colored lights
So far from typical but take my advice
Before you play with fire do think twice
And if you get burned don’t be surprised

Got me lifted, drifted higher than the ceiling
And ooh, baby, it’s the ultimate feeling
You’ve got me lifted, feeling so gifted
Sugar, how you get so fly?”

-‘Sugar’ lyrics.


I float through the streets

Smile at every face i meet

Striding on air with my feet


My heart is not taintef.

Im aware of the ugliness

I see this whole space naked.

You know the situation.


I hide away for a few days.

Speed through time in a haze

Alone, numb, absurd craze

Its the only real escape.


My tiny corner.

Felt like home now.

Faster than i know

Springs gone and it starts to snow.


Now i lay here

My thoughts, they come without invite.

I feel you with me

But youre nowhere in sight.


Why hello, its me again.

Just me myself and i.

Bulging spider eyes.

I was told big girls dont cry.


I know that when your world


In the palm of your hand

Just when you thought

You had it all under control


So here i shall rest my head

Under yellow skies and fire sunsets

I wont be scared, i wont bend

I know ill be alone till the end.


You casted your cruel spell.

It worked im sure you can tell.

You see, i didnt express things well.

Your own personal hell

But im not able to carry such a shell.


Its all going wrong.

Lust, friendships, gone

But somehow i am carried along.

So to you, i say, so long my love

We had only just begun

But all i hope is you stay strong.


I burn my candles all night

Flame in the dark

It feels so right

I can only relax when its black

Tiny spark for a little light.


We’re better off on our own.

I know its bitter and cold

I know nothing never lasts

A city with a cruel forecast.


I do what i want when i feel like it

So i cave in and take another hit

That one was perfect

What a rush, what a lift

Up to the clouds my body drifts


Downtown pedestrians

I am among them

I hold my head high

Passing each stranger saying hi

Oh i remember you !!!

From work, right ?

From back in time

From our ecstatic heights


You know

All day long ive contradicted.

Who you were, searching conclusion

You threw it in my face

Perhaps we both played our own game

From everyone i’ll forever run away


Life is a story. A novel. A movie.

Youre allowed to make your own ending

I wont ever live life, descending

I am me, theres no pretending

Hearts i am mending

Messages i am sending

Do you hear me ?

But everything you hold onto is condescending.


Someday i will understand.

For now i follow no such plan.

Take in the air and breathe.

Feel the soil under your feet.

I think i’ll be fine with just me

Thats how its always been

Walking aimlessly and incomplete

Oh, baby.


What goes around comes back around.

Keep an eye on things you take

Things you break

Even innocence has to pay.


Starry galaxies i play in, paint

Im looking for my milky way.

Oh father, wont you show me the way ?

Come take me away

No, because

I must love another day.


I know the scenario all too well

For my magic the people fell

Karmas a harsh bitch all too real

Got me bad. Hurting quite well.


You either got the goods or you dont.

People try, but only i can own.

They try to steal it but they wont.


Hearts racing driving like an aninal

Im feeling like a cannibal

Dont give in baby, no

Ride the ocean carefully and slow


All the souls in the world

I still want yours

Never did i feel

Felt like that before.

Unafraid, my authentic self.


Been running in the field

Yeah, the glass road

Far too long now.

I sit down to smoke.

Thick milky clouds

Reminds me of something i used to know.


Im tripping ?

Its your fucking fault

I hold on though, slipping


Yeah, you cant mess around with the living.


Tonight i ponder

Its midnight

Others, too, psychotic

Their demons play well with mine

Adding to my fuel and tactics

Enemies turning into friendly

Familiar and fun add ons

Yes, hold on my hand

Its so intriguing there.


Turn out the light now

Its playtime now

Beautiful and menacing

Tonight we dont need no sleep.


Starry eyes


Twin of the Pacific

I dare you to be specific

Whered you learn those tricks ?

I want to know what makes you tick

Youre so fucking hard to resist

Im ready for this.






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