Carry on,
They said.

The road behind us,
Dont look back.

Yeah, we were dealt
A quite differenr hand.

Far from average,
Far from planned.

Cant seem to play my cards right
Gotta stop losing my mind

Fire eyes glance upon the  blue sea
Do they know its killing me ?

Torn between a life of regularity
And a life of crystal fantasy

Oh, the laws of society.
Im trying so hard.
But it leaves me feeling empty.

Gripping onto the scale
Grasping the lessons whenever i fail

Trying to balance everything out
The reading, the teaching, the school, that quick way out
Dont go too deep baby.
Dont fall, dont scream, dont cry, dont shout

How could I have thought such a life
Was nothing but a burden.
This beautiful gift of the heavens
Spreading love all across the province

I am no longer afraid to be human.
Humanity means nothing to be human anymore.
Love, peace, and compassion has been replaced with envy, greed and hatred.

I hated humans.
But i realize i do not hate humans. Humans have been conditioned
To change this way.
Its humanism that must be thrown away.

Oh sure, science goes a long way.
But so do the railroads in our minds.
Come take my hand my lover
Id love for you to ride my train

Walk my shoes. Wear my heart.
See my dreams. At night theyre dark.
Capture my soul, feel the passion
I radiate unto those hopeless and frantic

Sad souls, love dying
Searching for a little sincerity
So I smile with eyes of sunshine
I speak in roses and sunflower daisies
I walk through the strawberry fields forever.

My Heavenly Creator
Hands me my butterflies
“Go on, you’re free now.
You have earned the life you have always imagined”

My duties are blessings
No more a curse.
I see the beauty of my life.
And so I am newly delivered.

I now know what it feels to be alive.

I know sadness. Heartbreak. Completely lost.
Alienated. Scared. Misunderstood.
Hopeless, ashamed, and ridiculed.

You must experience the most heart wrenching, breaking, aching pain
Before you can experience true, full, whole hearted happiness.

Look at fear straight in front your face
Body trembling, shaking, shivering in the dead of the night
But keep walking anyways
Look at it right in the eye.

For these great moments of fear
Will lead to great moments of accomplishments and victory.
After all, its not so scary.
Call on your angels and seek sanctuary.
They were always there even when i didnt believe in them.
Guiding me to my next quest.
Protecting me with their light.
Shielding me from their million eyes.
When it was time to show beauty one more time.

Enemies turned to lovers.
Captivating hearts.
It all was so brilliant.
As i left my mark.

Everything are lessons.
The good days, the gains,
The failures and the heartache.
Learning a new idea or belief
That will prepare you for whats next in your journey.

I am not perfect.
I am human.
I wont always have perfect days
But i can master my mind
So that my inner joy and light
Is far too hard to dim.

I know this place isnt easy to be in
Harsh cruel realities and personalities
I know of many evils and devilish things
But i choose to wear my rose colored glasses
And  see nothing but all the beautiful things


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