Fishbowl. // Starseeds

Ar the end of the day

Nothing is private

Nothing is ours

Nothing is real

Nothing is safe

Goldfish swimming,

I swim in this gigantic fish bowl.


Infinate loops


Black holes


Are we truly free?

Where is that galaxy

Where I call Home ?


Beyond the stars, and the moon, and the air and the burning ball of fire
Over the strawberry fields and over the mountains
Past every planet
Perhaps, is a place
That is OUR place.

My work here is not done.
Im trying to save the world
One by one.
The walking dead will be restored.
Shining my light, purity, LOVE

We are all stars
And no one can take that.
Maybe we’ll explode
And start our journey back.

One day.
My very last breath.
I cannot wait until im so old and wise
See that spark in a child’s eyes
The same burning wildfire in mine

And then i can tell them,
“You are so special.”

So that one day
When they discover their magic
And after all those years of perhaps emptiness, hardships and doubt
They’ll think of me
And maybe they’ll smile.

Because now they know they are, indeed.




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