Old Soul//Kid at Heart

One you ‘accidentally’ find out what exactly it is youre capable of, and the memories no longer send a chill down your spine but rather, excitement, where it ignites your bones, because maybe, just maybe, i have it ALL figured out now, and maybe this completely ABSURD idea of mine, can push the limits of how far i can go… i mean, its so fucking irrational that the only place where such an event should take place is on a childrens cartoon. Saturday morning ?

Ah yes, such a silly idea i have somehow mustered up this morning, in fact the imagination needed in order to partake in this plan is none other than a five year olds. And its so enchanting that even if NOTHING comes out of it, i’ll be so humble that i even thought of something so fun, something so scary all at the same time, just to explore, test my limits, challenge my insanity a bit.

All i need is my partner in crime to believe, in me, in it, making sure we have, of course, opened up our minds so much that theres such a huge empty space in them, so that this huge idea is even able to fit, and we get a good grasp and a good plan all masterfully planned, if it fails, well then i’ll be able to say i had just as much fun and hearty laughter as i would have fifteen years ago.

And if we discover something thatwe may not be able to wrap our little human heads  around at first, then there is some further planning and talking to do. Secrets to be kept. Stories which should appear nowhere but in a novel.


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