The motto//Brain shut off now plz

Use your mind like an extraterrestrial would.
Think BIG. Outside of the box.
Go past the average potential brain use in which so many never think twice to explore.
Dare to go any further ?

But… Use your heart as a human would.
Love everyday, love everyone, every encounter and every conversation.
Its okay to have far from perfect days.
I learned that finding happiness wont mean youll be happy EVERY . SINGLE. DAY. As long as i attempt to get out of bed and start my routine then at least I tried. And i am okay with that.

Love the Mother Earth. Love all her creatures and nature and outstanding beauty this worlds got to offer.
What a waste it would be, to never travel abroad. Explore and see the world. Lifes short, no time to waste ! Pack up your bags , theres so many places to see.

Love thy ‘enemy’. I dont want to have enemies and i dont see the point but if someone wants to claim i am an ‘enemy’ then cool. Ima love you too anyways, ya big ol’ mystery, you !

Kiss everytime you get the chance. For they may not be here tomorrow. They may be gone again a little while.  Till then my passionate desire shall spread like a dangerous wildfire.

Love to stay awake, visiting every inch of your colorful mind. Love to sleep, a temporary death of all that it is that haunts our restless heads. Envision your dream.  See you dream. Be the dream.

Im so close……


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