If this is all this is, i’ll hold onto it.

Dont you know ?
What i know ?
Four restless days

– I dont turn the light on –

The Night,
Security blanket
I hide
I feel myself for hours
I swirl my bones
With my fingertips
But i envision they are not mine.
Because they are cold.
Ghost spirit.

And i try to hold off
The explosion, the flood
But then i cant
And the release is nothing
But a volcano errupting
A river rushing
Because the moon pulled me in
The tide causing a shift
And my back arches against the wall
My legs kicking and hips out of control
Fucking electricity passes on.

I can only hope
It is you
My inspiration
My Lesson
You knew when to present yourself
In the midst of me
Becomming spiritually
Strange time
Longing fior meaning
Your words
Or perhaps
A more subtle destiny, if you will.
Subtle vampire hiding his thrill.

My every thought, word, output
All the energy in the world –
Take it.
Its yours.
Why wouldnt it be?
Because youre the very sole reason
For all.of this…

But next time, when you feel me letting go
Just let me go.
I cant be writing
Sappy, sorry ass poetry all my life.
There is only so much you can say
About the Moon and the Sun
They needed eachother
Didnt they ?
The sun lusted after the moon
Eager to reach out and touch again
Never ending game
Of duck duck goose
But i am the goose.
You , the duck.

How does it feel to be someones muse ?
I hated it, felt ashamed
Until i re read everything.
Not half bad.
Need to step up my vocabulary.
boy, what tricks did you use ?
Cause i was a girl with a jar of hearts
Not entirely needing yours……..


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