My soul found what it wants.

Ive gorten to the place where im tired of travelling to every little corner inside my mind.

Now i yearn to travel this planet Earth.


Visit the shores of coconut riddled beaches. Endless luscious fields with peaches.

Visit every large city and vibe With the sttangers’ chit chatter, get lost in the busy streets downtown between huge skyscrapers

Walk endlessy in subarbs ive never seen, exploring every nook and cranny, otherwise left unseen

Sit on a park bench and watch the people go by. Curious about whats on their mind.

I want to adventure through tropical forests, see monkeys and toucans and tree houses.

Everything –  i want to see it all.

Ancient castles, water fountains, stand on the tallest mountain top. the strange people as they shop, in some strange city where i decided to stop. just everything – not missing a thing – even the darkest alley ways.



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