System Proposal #2 – MAN. Carbon Price Policy

Created to reduce green house gas emissions. As well as improving Canada’s adaption to Climate Change.

2% Global Emissions Policy.

Employment will grow, energy efficiency retrofitting, and renewable HEMP energy transit growth as well as reliable transportation tools.

Important technologies require fair carbon prices – 10$ per MT which First Nations people have already received.
Quality is based on future application in which transport emits.

Carbon Emissions should take place where it is expected to have low emission rates, thus reducing frequency and increasing production, so that loss prevention takes place.  Consumers should have a good understanding of the policies and agree to the terms.

GA must review data once a month to make sure balance between production + prevention is maintained, and equal. Furthermor

Less stress, more willingness, more frequency, more affordable, more recognition and benefits, more workers, more consumers and customers, never experiencing any lack in any field of relevance.
Benefits can be payed via extra materials, monthly, and is determined by the consumers average impact on the global scale.

Coal Power expected to be phased out and replaced in fifteen years, starting from 2016, as long as rate of effectiveness stays relatively the same without any substantial periods of absence or inaddequecy.


Outcomes : Regular and Healthy Climate flow, Easy elimination of forest fires and forestry damage, Buyers do not suffer, Consumers benefit and continuously return therefors expanding the economy without worry of any empty gaps between travels.



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