lalala whatever

blah whatever im bored and want to write but dont know what, oh im tired of exhausting all my words and energy into foolish short lived lust.


So whatever. I’ll take it as it is. in the meantime i need to figure my shit out and be thankful, count my blessings. quit complaining and continue seeing beauty all around me through my dark and tainted glasses.

ah yes thats the beauty of it. No matter how much horrid, cruel, and vile things you have seen or learned about this earth. This, quite frankly, poor excuse of a planet where the human ‘virus’ has destroyed so so much. is being able to walk through the serene streets of a city whom so many claim to be “the grossest city in the country”
open your eyes cause its not hard to see the beautiful things in life.
and so my heart needs adventure so i can, even though people and society and everything else is terrifying, i seek solitude and peace in the beauty of nature. Spring time trees blossoming into pink and white flowers. the smell of the lavender. it really is one of those simple things that are worth forgetting the rest of the bullshit for.

BUT. i am blessed that i can continue on with my journeys, humble, despite it all, and although i shant complain, not in THE most beautiful city of the country. I mean, everyone complains about being here and how they wanna move west. So go ? you should be thankful youre even IN or BORN in this probably one if not most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world. Now I cant say that cause frankly i dont know shit about other parts of the world. BUT i do love canada thats for sure.

anyways long story short not sure where i was going with this probably just another blabble jabble ramble


i guess i just wanna see things like ancient castles in europe and oceans like in europe and all the old fashioned architechture that somehow nostalgia sets in when i see a certain painting or image of something out there, same thing with certain landscapes or forests, not sure why it makes me feel a certain way i cant really put into words but i just know i need to go there someday somehow and figure it all out.

“La raison est dans la forêt”



concrete jungle ….

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