the little lost girl

now that my wings have blessed me to soar;
I shall let the young angel
take them
and she, too,
will fly, search, learn
and indeed she shall find her soul.

and her, too,
will be blessed
and have all her dreams
fairytales that only a child
could day dream

they, will
somehow, almost, seemingly impossibly
become her ever-dreamed reality

for angels fly and angels find
and then they relax amongst
the candly clouds
of everything
they have ever
dreamed of

and they, too,
will soar
up into the cotton candy clouds

lullabies so beautiful
that you continuously
try to hush;

but the more you silence them
the more loud they sing

for only angels
angels, hear such a hymn.

fly baby.
im falling asleep in my impossibly
beautiful desires
you will one day
float higher than these
grey, lonesome
city towers.

– for an angel.



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