reality is burning me dead

i cant go
i cant go on, so
how do i move along, so
i hate goodbyes, so
i sing a sad song
i fucking miss you all so
so much
pain unbearable
how do i go on? so,
i’ll cry myself to sleep tonight
youre not here to hold me tight
i cant fucking forever fight
this pain will eat me alive
tonight although the stars are bright
my soul is lacking its inner light

my child, you are so bright
you are the age of only nine
but your intelligence mirrors even mine
youre gonna go far kid.
i told you secrets of this darkness called life
i hope youll always remember some of the insight
cherish the beautiful time we had tonight.
you were here for me when no one else was in sight
my life now lacks depth
without you, without him.
this feels a lot like death.
i pray i’ll get to see all you beautiful people again
God, please give me strength.

“Honestly, what will become of me?
Dont like reality, its way too clear to me.
Why do all good things come to an end?”


youve touched my heart like no other in such little time.
How am I ever going to be fine?

8 thoughts on “reality is burning me dead

      • well i had no choice with the little child, he was just visiting from Africa. I pray they keep their word and they stay in touch. he was the only thing keeping me together before i completely fell apart and now im more broken than anything ever before. The other dude im not so sure of, i kept telling him to come back, but hes reluctant. I think we did eachother some wrong and i apologized and he wont though. i can only pray everything works out for the best


      • Ya…I’m in the same boat…I’ve been under the impression you were someone else….sorry about that


  1. happens to me.all the time. no worries. i swear there are people we know speaking through the writings of others. total strangers. but the people we know’s thoughts. everythings connected after all.


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