expression #2

she collected art
while i collected notes.
and i preferred reality
over irrational anecdotes.

although she was amusing,
and kind of fun to watch.
she often joked of absurdities
that i knew all too much.

i knew this was just temporary
and wouldnt last near long
i wish i didnt have to lie
and do her so much wrong.

i never fully grasped the concept
why she needed to hold on
knowing i didnt need her,
it pained when she wouldnt let go.

i didnt come for love, no
in fact its quite fucked up.
i even warned you of my ways
yet you refused to see whats up.

maybe i was just like you
in ways that i once knew.
but where i do not dwell, i,
dont think of at all.

i came to teach you a lesson
i came for the show.
that you would teach me too, well
that i did not know.

yeah, i may have blamed you
but to tango it takes two.
the scary part of it all
was faking when i didnt have to.

im trying to make a killin’ baby
but i got too drunk and lazy
im money driven and fuckin crazy
i used to think that shit wont phase me

while you break under pressure
i know you will rise above it all.
while i am enlightened and anew
i’ll turn to ashes unlike you.

and i shant forget that vibrant
colorful violet hue.
yeah im who what they all claim
the angel they once knew.

careful now, think slowly
is this how you shall know me?
dont dwell on your past beliefs
its never too late to be free

i used to think that four was lucky.
like a clover in the lush green pasture.
a shape is just a shape and
a numbers just a number.

so is ones perception of reality.
so the boy who cried wolf
and sesame street
are all just stories.



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