i need a new muse
i had lots of fun with you
whos next to amuse ?



come one come all
take a seat and have a ride
on the wacky carnival

walk around the house of mirrors
spooky clowns may strike a fear
but dont you worry dont be scared
youre allowed to leave the fair.

strawberry fields and peach trees
ripening fruit draws summer near
as nature flows and grows and morphs
like metamorphosis, we step forth

i sat outside the porch today
seemed the robins called my name
like lovers they teased and sang and chased
the dandelions swayed with grace.

greens and yellows and mostly blue
like MJ i wont live by a hue.
swirl the colors of your palette
simplicity is beauty, yes ive found it.

so fuck these rhymes and never ending text
i wish i could not rhyme and be a true poet.
but appairently my brain is not done yet.

living life in the fast lane
just to ignore whats all the same
naturally boring and quite mundane
i simply crave motivation to create
i’d be lying if i said i have pain
im attempting to escape.
all i have is emptiness, a hollow dull brain
can you be creative without such treachorous ways ?
get my mind going without losing all these days ?
bruised and angry yellow veins

Can i be like this,
Without being this way?


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