it really is, a revolution

“The pornography made me do it
So those drugs that got us high
Was the thoughts of revolution
They’ve been poisoning my mind
So i’ll walk you down into the water
But you keep coming up for air
All those people, they don’t give a damn
They just stood around and stared
And i said,
Love will save the day”

“were talking about a society in which will lead no roles
other than those earned
or those chosen
were really talking, about humanism.”

This is a song by David Usher that I have forgotten about for a little while. The lyrics move me in a way that makes me feel some type of faith and hope and  goodness in myself. and my dreams.

I want and need everyone to know that they are capable of love, no matter who you are. I like to match my beliefs with the Disneys famous tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Love is life. Love is divine, love is so damm good that it makes you high. Literally. Im often high on life through Love.

Throw ego, pride, resentment, doubt and fear straight out the window !
Never close yourself off from Love. It at least for me gives my entire world meaning. it completes me, and its far from rational but I just know that Love is not something anyone should treat as a battle.

embrace it, master it, cherish it and conquer it.

its heaven.

so lets let our hearts be the leader. the mind isnt always all that attractive…

so anyways I really just want people out there to know that you should always embrace love rather than make the mistake of refusal which wont do any good. If Belle was able to teach love and love a Beast then anyone can. Love, that is. Not saying anyones a beast. But people make it so much more complex than it needs to be.

when theres nothing left to give just keep giving love. I dont care who you are, we all want to be loved, cared for, and cured of our loneliness.

But thats just me, im made up of love entirely, but no I take that back cause thats a lie.
I think love is able to cure monstrous demons that live inside each and every one of us.

And sometimes you have to lose someone to see the whole picture.


i never knew this pain would bring me such quick insight and growth from a lesson

id never forgive myself if i never tried

so try try try keep trying, its all about trial and error but embrace error as it teaches you and helps you. any glimmer in your soul that tells you to do so I think should not be ignored.

But let go of the fact that you dont know what the outcome will be.
pray for the best but prepare for the worst they say.

read your bible too, gosh darnit

Praise God for the Gift of Love.

God is pretty awesome.

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