whos your idol?

i swear, hes got the answers to life.
damnit hes brilliant, it actually blows me away
i hope to be a fraction of what he was some day

our minds are very much alike

unless maybe i just like to tell myself that


everything hes ever claimed is so genious
so beautifully irrational
yet simplified
you want some answers about the creative process of the mind ?
read up on Einstein
i perceive him to be the master of the mind

how the fuck do you go and invent the light bulb ?

…….. this prompts my mind to plunge deeper into thought at a rate in which i cease to be able to get it all down onto this electronic machine so that i can later re read

ah, well.
im starting to think maybe i have made a discovery as well
or im just fucked up, kinda hard to tell.
and by that i mean, straight from the looney bin.
straight from an asylum

i wouldnt have it any other way.
the moon chases the sun away
as I prepare for yet another day
ive got a secret but im scared to say
what might end up causing me to pay.

ive got an idea.
ill leave this place and go astray
where mobody even knows my name
ill share my exciting secrets and news
where nobody knows you, theres nothing to lose

im sure im not the first to play
this forbidden knowledge type of game
maybe if you listened rather than hate
what you dont understand, you must not be afraid

and i was fearless during my conquest
learning much more than my original request
but I will never change my ways
cause i am me, and all my curious ways

never give up
i swear i can use this tool somehow
got some tests to run. i’ll see you in a couple more sun downs.
but please keep the peace im here to observe
experimentation i must preserve
my invention and explanation will serve
great intentions, dont worry ill ask first.

just dont throw me back in the damn looney bin will ya ?
i aint no fucking cartoon whom you can prod and poke
yeah you laugh now but wait until i leave my traces behind and a part of history is mine

ah, yes. such an expansion of the mind is such bliss.
will my dreams rise and prosper ?
or rise to stardom from being a nutcase loser
but its not fame i am trying to grasp here.
im not one of them attention seekers
did Einstein know the difference he made ?
how he created a worldly change?
did he pose for those pictures or were those selfies ? ha.

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