fight for faith or say fuck this


i dont know what to think anymore
devil on my shoulder telling me youre a demon who was meant to tear me the fuck apart
and then my heart reminding me of the times the odds were stacked against us but fate fought for us
i want to believe my psychosis
that my soul worked hard to defeat what we lost
but im giving it my all
while you cant seem to keep even just a simple promise
so tell me
do i let it go ?


14 thoughts on “fight for faith or say fuck this

    • ya but the fuck ? not if youre being played for a fool and theyre out there making a joke out of you, right ? takes two to tango… im not sure why i bother anymore. my soul says keep fightin but my brain says stopppp 😦


      • Well depends on the circumstance. Though I’d say if you stop fighting that gives someone else the perfect opportunity to fight harder. You seemed to be really into this person for a while, I’m sure if you felt that way about them they had to have been pretty amazing and treated you pretty well and made you a better person. If you just let that slip then they will too, trust me. Holding onto someone you love will only bring them closer. Letting them go will make them feel unwanted…but I’ve had to let someone go because they kept telling me to do so and the thought of it all has been eating me alive. So idk…I wish the best for you. Just don’t let someone amazing go because you’re not sure you can handle it…I’m sure they just couldn’t handle themselves.

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