what seems to be missing

im not so sure i enjoy this lack
kindergarden arts and crafts
no more flow of L.A. traffic
the words come slow but somehow manage
although it seems it holds no magic
as boring and mundane as you could imagine
tonight ive lost it, turned to ashes
although im numb i miss the static
or maybe id rather indulge and practice
hearing familiar history’s passage
grasping at voices from last summers past
when love was the music we each had to have
and being far away simply meant when we played
outside in the forest or maybe the lake
but now there are memories etched into my brain
we’ll sit under coconuts, palm trees and sway
under a hot sun that lives in L.A.
we look for seashells that echo breezy waves
cause we know we aint got no much more than a day
to bask in this deceiving life of a place
we hold onto novels of words we dont say
delusions feel better, to my dismay
belieiving the stories in front of my face
wont you let me read today ?
im searching for inspiring content to create
the truth and  the lies are wrong, im afraid
simple point of view and perceptions are they,
so truth and lies are now being erased
from all weve been told as they manipulate
a home that was sought and was founded by fate
do you think i buy into their envy and hate ?
if you are a moth then i am the.flame.
remember all the things in which you had claimed
i may be a fool as i sit here and wait
i push away whispers and drown out all the shame
nobody can lose at their own sinful game
so let me enjoy this just for my own sake
imaging peach trees and orchards and lakes
God knows im a sinner and no ones a saint
i listen to words but never their names
because all of our souls speak as one in the same
and then i stop feeling alone in this pain.


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