fight those demons

been around the world in three whole days
searched far and wide for love like mine
yeah i know i cant see whats behind the scenes
so i hope to God its what it seems
But then i hear the voices laughing at me
I dont give a fuck, kinda glad I cant see
All that must hide in defeat and in pride
You showed me so much in which then became weak
why am i left alone in dangerous seas?
Why has God thrown me in battlefield streets?
My requests were not difficult, just simplicity
To get what we want we must firmly believe
That maybe beneath the absurdity
To bask in the radiance of uttermost peace
We must first lose our minds and go wild and crazy
That nothing remains, just bleak uncertainty
Time tells a tale of all thats unseen
The whimpers of souls selling themselves rather cheap
But traces are left behind, pieces of me
You wont know whats gone until dusk turns to dawn
Dont back down, you can do it baby
We are the remains, turned into the refugees
I gathered a backpack to take on journey.
But when I gathered all the pieces, the puzzle was for you, and not within me


even my psychotic crab feeds…..

who the hell do you trust when you cant even trust yourself?
or your damn pet crustacean?
minor flaws, but.. I know how to love unconditionally.

thank you God for your gifts and your blessings

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