to my concerned mom.

i mean, i love you ma, and everything
but im gonna do and be whatever the fuck i wanna do and be.
quit bitching at me, see
this is how i do my thing
fighting off Satan
the demons within, it seems
this pulls me closer and closer
to my wildest dreams

i know im your kid but dont be so quick to judge.
i have my reasons.
we all do, dont we ?
fuck, my hearts racing
slow down please
ive been sitting on storm clouds
and watching lightening
perhaps my heart got a head start
and now its ahead of all the other parts

anyways, ive had a weird past two days
so wicked and vile yet lovely as always
How do I feel so dirty but Holy
the Devil himself is coursing through my veins
Whatever happens next, Im not taking the blame
They want to see a death, they tryna end whats left of me…

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