perfection is.. Simplicity. The rhythm…

perfection is..

The rhythm and the melody.
Two souls recognition and their
musical heart beats.
Safety through their company.
Comfort in the chaotic catastrophe
Luminous, your eyes, gazing
Riding atop the traffic lights and questionable trees.
“Hush girl. Such childish dreams”
But you made them come alive
And I swear I couldnt believe my eyes
Senses heightened, moving through cloud nine
How was something so simple so perfect

How was a complicated, far-fetched, crazy little dream, fulfilled? So easily? Just like that.
Imagination is such a huge blessing. When youre a dreamer, haunted by this cruel world… Better let your inner child guide you through. “Heres to never growing up”

So. Why was a simple task so beautiful and enlightening and just magical through my eyes.
With all these tools we have brought together to the table. We can do whatever our little hearts dreams desires.

A their minds, wishes and imagination complimented eachother quite nicely..

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