Jump on the coocoo Train

[I booked a night on the wild nut nut train

And got an extra night free. 

I hurried home to check out just what I landed me.

The package deal quality was not one of the finest. But seeing what was included, it must have been more than modest.

The railroads were so pretty, glistening and sparkling in the light. Crystal icy snow tracks, I could not wait to ride

And when the train starts moving I make sure I don’t miss a thing. The train gives me such a rush I feel like a million bucks.

If it starts to slow down I take another road and it speeds up again. Boy, was that a fast one. I’m so thrilled I walk in circles trying to decide what form of entertainment to engage in.]

I railed another line of the fine crystalline powder, knowing it was the last. Today flew by so fast I have no idea what I did all day. Speedy speedy. And life’s so easy.

[I thanked the conductor. “Oh, don’t thank me.”

Sad it was over, but eager to sleep and be fresh.Thrilled he got away with the train in the house. No one batted an eye. This is good but I’ll be plunging back into consistent train rides in no time.
What the God damn fuck am I writing again? What a shitty metaphor. I am ashamed of this lame story or whatever you wanna call this. HAHA OH WELL

Time flies…

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