Should I eat today

Another morning 

Another glance at the mirror 

Another breakfast she will skip

Another lie she’ll have to slip

Another workout to lose the hips

Another battle in the kitchen 

Stomach growling but she won’t listen

She wants bread but sips tea instead.

Another walk through the city.

Another boring afternoon with coffee.

Another restaurant that teases her hunger.

Another smile knowing she’s not eating and getting fatter

Her little body moans and groans for dinner.

But her mind is always there to stop her.

She reaches for the lettuce instead, it’s so much safer.

She grazes all evening until she gives in.

Just one little snack to ease this craving.

Then another and another until there’s no escaping 

She’s trapped in a hell and its called binging 

And she reaches the toilet to fix her mistake.

Hoping she rid of every calorie on that plate

Throat is sore, but she lights up anyway.

Cigarettes are best after throwing that stress away..

She swallows her pills, finally this nightmare can be over.

And in the morning, relief.. 

She weighs herself. The scale. Her best friend the monster.

Lost more weight. Down with the pounds. 

That evil number decreasing is her happiness and power.
All time low. In more ways than one. She waits until she can feel again. 

To live In apathy with very little dull excitement is such a sad thing.

For now she hides secrets that keep things interesting.

Accessorize with collarbones. And hip bones make quite the comfortable hand rests.

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