Just a poetic rambling

A prick of the skin

I Watch as blood rushes in

Eagerly, steadily, I push it all in

A hit no less than perfection
One. Two. Three. 

In seconds it rushes over me

Warmth, a quickened heart beat

Tingling all over my body

I smile and bask in the feeling

Cause now my worries have no meaning

That’s what makes it so appealing
I’ll ride the white pony for days

Living life in a crystalline haze

You live only once, they do say

So its no work and all play

No regrets or thinking of yesterday

It is what it is and its already made

I was born to have fun, I’m afraid

Unfortunately in self destructive ways

Lives like these, glorified these days

The highs and lows are all the craze

We got bored of what society portrayed

Passing the point of calling it a phase

Ran out of causes to put the blame

I’d rather be high, I have no shame

In a good household, there I was raised

A top student, I got good grades

Somewhere along the lines, things changed

Emptiness and a void suddenly placed

So a quick rush became what I craved

An ordinary life, I guess I misplaced

Extraordinary highs are what I chased

Until I found what suited my tastes

3 thoughts on “Just a poetic rambling

  1. I’m in love with your words. I love your blog and I don’t think a comment can explain how much! Keep doing you! I love it so much ❤️


  2. I used to indulge in chemical and herbal highs. These days I’ve gotten so sensitive they tend to send off into lala land or make me feel like I walking through custard. I think certain substances can definitely be a way into developing greater awareness of the matrix that has us in thrall. Take care though. There are some bum rides out there.


  3. Im always curious why people say we use drugs to avoid things, like feelings and the past. What if i was just using because i liked the feeling and was addicted because thats what the chemistry does? What would avoiding anything have to do with why i used? Maybe saying that i was trying to escape or was trying to not feel is just another way of avoiding the fact that i was addicted becuase thats just how it is when certain chemistries mix, like mine and dope.

    I dont think i was avoiding anything but consideration of other people.

    My problem i think was that i was over concerned with myself. And then i like when they say the solution is that i was avoiding myself. No wonder people relapse.


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