∆ Just more poetic blah blah blahs pertaining to my belief and views on the subject of ‘time’∆

Looking at the clock

A minute has passed since my last glance

But the clock’s arms point to another story

Subjected myself to a quickened time perception

It slips by at an alarming rate

‘Time’ moving at such an enormous speed, well,

How could you not question time travels?

When hours seem like moments at most

Skipping time, point A to B, like travelling, respectively

I don’t believe we could go back to the seventies, no

It is the simple awareness and perceived time, versus actual measured time.

Its all the same in our curious minds

Whether it be hours, or days that go by

It’s no wonder I hate the term ‘time’

its just an illusion, created for mankind

Fulfilling their needs to measure everything

Place a label, put a number on it

Numbers, that’s a whole other story.

Time is, at least to me, is more so a space

Between the beginning and the end

Of any given subject.
Oh hell why why why do I bother on this

Because I was bored, and I never have ideas on what to write about

I just click new post and it seems to create itself

I never know what my clueless mind might bring

Maybe a nice poem, or just the thoughts that cross my brain

Sometimes its good, even surprising myseld at times.

Other times it lacks, and its just me blabbing away

Yeah so, what was I talking about anyways?

I can’t seem to think while my thoughts are racing
So, time travelling, to travel to another point in time, like a magical time machine that can bring you into the past or future, on a large scale, no, no, no. Or who knows. Maybe. 

I prefer the term, time skipping, in this sense

Essentially we are escaping time, when time escapes us.

I doubt this is appealing to those who feel like they are already running out of it.

More for those who, have too much in their hands, boredom an everyday culprit

We get to feel fantastic while mending the issue of this.

Terrific. Its a win win situation.

Win win win, actually, because it also opens up the door to creativity and imagination.

So I win win win while winning, because the win is won in more ways than one, maybe more than three but any more wins might be a little excessive, so while I’m winning I’m winning some more. And that’s the best part.

Jump on the coocoo Train

[I booked a night on the wild nut nut train

And got an extra night free. 

I hurried home to check out just what I landed me.

The package deal quality was not one of the finest. But seeing what was included, it must have been more than modest.

The railroads were so pretty, glistening and sparkling in the light. Crystal icy snow tracks, I could not wait to ride

And when the train starts moving I make sure I don’t miss a thing. The train gives me such a rush I feel like a million bucks.

If it starts to slow down I take another road and it speeds up again. Boy, was that a fast one. I’m so thrilled I walk in circles trying to decide what form of entertainment to engage in.]

I railed another line of the fine crystalline powder, knowing it was the last. Today flew by so fast I have no idea what I did all day. Speedy speedy. And life’s so easy.

[I thanked the conductor. “Oh, don’t thank me.”

Sad it was over, but eager to sleep and be fresh.Thrilled he got away with the train in the house. No one batted an eye. This is good but I’ll be plunging back into consistent train rides in no time.
What the God damn fuck am I writing again? What a shitty metaphor. I am ashamed of this lame story or whatever you wanna call this. HAHA OH WELL

Time flies…

love thyself

it was strange in a way how so many writings and scriptures and stories all fascinated her to the point where  she could have sworn she was a character in that very literature – then, and now.

she related to almost everything, feeling like the universe was ONE, and that the world as we know it is designed and intertwined like a big ball of yarn. all connected, but if unwoven, turns to one, long, seemingly endless thread – string – rope- whatever you prefer.

i remember days where it freaked her right out. all the surreal moments made her heart race to the point where she had to focus on regulating the beats of her very best organ. maybe if she knew one day she’d look back at what now seems like a mere dream, it wouldnt scare the living daylights out of her. she would have treated it like the very art of surrealism that it was – that to this day she is mysteriously drawn to. and now she knows why. because her life was a good one, a fairytale at best, and  nightmare at worst. it was surreal, nothing short of a movie.

treat your life as if it were magic. and believe in it. make magic your reality and youll be pleasantly surprised at how much more fun, meaningful, and exciting everything gets. once you master the magic its hard to be unhappy. you will walk around, in public, going about your day, constantly talking out loud your silly thoughts and then laughing at them – at least this is what sparks joy for me. coming off completely mental  to any outside spectators – yet they dont realize i probably have it more together than most of those poor souls conforming to what society pushes as ‘normal’, and i think you have to sort of lose your mind a bit to find happiness within yourself. and i know people found it refreshing to see a young adult i guess different, cheerful, loving, goofy, non chalant and pretty damn coocoo if you ask me, yet so intelligent, insightful and bright, she could do any damn thing she pleased in life.

those who hated on her or thought she was weird, were the ones who wished they could be like that. so careless, free, and beautiful. she was damn well blessed and she knew it. they knew it. and it compelled her to play a little game for herself everywhere, when anyone who did not give in to her light and joy, she simply HAD to shine even brighter so they succumbed, gave in, and loved her.

because she thrived off of love. and maybe that was what made her evil. was the jar of hearts she unknowingly, or sometimes knowingly even, she kept for keepsake. but bloody hell, someone who spreads love so carelessly is so hard to come by these days, she didnt realize how fucking rare of a species she was. and thats what broke her, was being let down time and time again, her heart and her love always unmatched. either that or she was vain, not looking hard enough, or repeating the same mistake of always looking in the wrong place.

she still gets confidence and conceited mixed up all the time and she shouldnt. she knew she had flaws, in fact she had many, she was after all, human. she just hid them well, i guess.

she sought the answers to everything she couldnt understand and then she understood why curiosity killed the cat. the more she sought the more she realized i dont belong here

darkness rose her up to believe she had found something great, whether a home or a family, all to just tear it all back down and hope she suffered. but this time, she refused. she made it her choice to stay humble, knowing all the tears of her past always get stitched back together. 

maybe home is a state of mind.
i hope i can hold on to that state of mind and not lose it this time.


lalala whatever

blah whatever im bored and want to write but dont know what, oh im tired of exhausting all my words and energy into foolish short lived lust.


So whatever. I’ll take it as it is. in the meantime i need to figure my shit out and be thankful, count my blessings. quit complaining and continue seeing beauty all around me through my dark and tainted glasses.

ah yes thats the beauty of it. No matter how much horrid, cruel, and vile things you have seen or learned about this earth. This, quite frankly, poor excuse of a planet where the human ‘virus’ has destroyed so so much. is being able to walk through the serene streets of a city whom so many claim to be “the grossest city in the country”
open your eyes cause its not hard to see the beautiful things in life.
and so my heart needs adventure so i can, even though people and society and everything else is terrifying, i seek solitude and peace in the beauty of nature. Spring time trees blossoming into pink and white flowers. the smell of the lavender. it really is one of those simple things that are worth forgetting the rest of the bullshit for.

BUT. i am blessed that i can continue on with my journeys, humble, despite it all, and although i shant complain, not in THE most beautiful city of the country. I mean, everyone complains about being here and how they wanna move west. So go ? you should be thankful youre even IN or BORN in this probably one if not most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world. Now I cant say that cause frankly i dont know shit about other parts of the world. BUT i do love canada thats for sure.

anyways long story short not sure where i was going with this probably just another blabble jabble ramble


i guess i just wanna see things like ancient castles in europe and oceans like in europe and all the old fashioned architechture that somehow nostalgia sets in when i see a certain painting or image of something out there, same thing with certain landscapes or forests, not sure why it makes me feel a certain way i cant really put into words but i just know i need to go there someday somehow and figure it all out.

“La raison est dans la forêt”



concrete jungle ….

Short stories arent working – not right now

How does one possibly find satisfaction in short, one liner two liner three
Short verses and poems and stories

Me on the other hand
My mind ceases to stop.
I wish it had a power switch
So that when i feel im not creating to the best of my abilities, i can turn it OFF.

One sentence turns to another because the firsf caused me to either realize something on top of that, or contradict something i may have said in the past, regardless, its traffic, but unlike traffic, its fast.

What was that ?
I think i just manifested again.
Right then and there my brain went blank and i, for once, looked around my space in the dim morning light, and just like that, the traffic stopped.

With that being said, i prefer traffic for now.
Afterall, what would traffic be without the road ?
So the more i let it flow, the more i expand and grow.
Spiritually, as a human, becoming whole.

Im astonished at where the night has disappeared off to.
Ah, let it rest.
It ran quite the marathon, im impressed.
Possibly beat its old record of 11 seconds.
Or twelve, you know, im really not sure.
Perhaps it was 11 point.. something.
When night time leaps into the morning like that, well, i know i must have been really enjoying myself.
Quite the getaway.

Ive never felt so free. I mean, as a soul being, i am of course ultimately very free.
But breaking free from all the mental chains that hold you back and imprisoned, (in which you dont even realize)
Fear, worry, need for acceptance and to please others. The need for someone to tell us, dont worry, this is all rational.
Ive come to terms with the fact that not everyone will dwell in the same reality.
Heck, im not sure anyone does in mine.

I stopped caring about that.
Oh yeah, i find pure joy in somebody complimenting me.
Even just a new follower is the most excitement i have ever felt.
Why ?

Let me tell you.
In a world where i struggled so hard to fit in
So hard to accept and simply just live.
Nothing was ever enough.
But this, this is enough.
Swimming in my thoughts and making these waves.
And for anyone who joins me while i swim, sail, or even float (like now)
Means they must get me at least a little. And i am not alone !

Becoming one with the universe is really confusing at first.
I falsely believed that i was something MORE than what i am.
But we are all one. We are all connected and every thing you say or do or think, is recreated somewhere. Not completely identical, although it depends on how you look at it and what you consider ‘identical’
In other words, each and every one of us are in sync.

So while every action has a recreation effect, it also has an opposite reaction.
Its strange to think about but this is just what ive found.
I guess its as simple as forces, like ions of a magnet.

We are all magnets to put it simply.
Your mind manifests your reality and your life.
Your actions and behaviors as well.
It all gets created shaping your very life right in front of you.
Law of attraction. Gravity, everything. Isnt it all just magnets ?

That was no coincedence.
I just dont know how to get the hang of it.
I mean yeah, its easy when your veins are flowing with artificial electricity
I want to get to this point all on my own, naturally.

Meditate so they say.
But it doesnt replace the thirst for blood
Wanting to fill the barrell
Push, sloooowwlyyyy
3 seconds and youre there. Literally.
Instead i choose to medicate.

But its better if you push through that first highway thats narrow dark and tormenting, really.
Depending on your method of travel
Youll want to be well equipped.
Or else you may fail to hit all the road blocks that were meant to be an obstacle, of knowledge, and your output. The plume of smoke you leave behind, mixing into the air, forever leaving its trail.
The best vacation is when youve been driving for three.
Accellerate, three seconds
Pedal to the metal, three days acccording to the clock. But when youre driving so fast it really just feels like you started your engine …. i dont know.. Time does not exist. All i feel is.. now. This present moment. I cant remember the past three days. Its difficult placing a number on a road. Well, a number associated with time.

Too focused on the road i guess.
No time to think about things that dont matter.
That dont have to do with staying put on the road.
And not driving into a useless shrubbery and bush.

While i feel like i probably drove into many ditches and wasted lots of time driving off course
I mean, why does it matter ?
Even when i review it later on and it makes ZERO sense to me.
During the creation of that content, i was in the moment. I was creating something, and just because its beyond my understanding does not mean nobody else will be able to.
The foreigners, the masters, the others.
The past, the future, whichever history it may be.
Whoever, it doesnt matter. But all i can hope is that somewhere, something, some day, will benefit from the imprints of my journey.
The ignition.

And you know what ?
I dont need anything but this.
The belief i have created to give meaning to exist.
THAT is our purpose.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”
-true words spoken by a fellow associate of mine.
I want to help others
Without working 9 to 5
But rather
Until i begin my work and strive until im out of order.
From one location, to the next, and the next, and the next.
Unsure if an existence
Of the destination i so desperately seek.
But what if this is it,
Sailing roaring seas
Driving until i crash and burn into a ditch.
A captain of my imagination and existence.
This is what i want to be so please accept it.

Just dont expect more when im conforming to this alien societys expectations, their norn.

If i could make a living from driving on freeways or highways or back lanes
Forever leading to something far from my understanding,
Oh, i would be so thrilled,
But then i realize that balance would not be fulfilled.

3 times a month
3 days on the road
And that is what i can commit to.
I’ll do my best but every attempt does not mean success.

Just remember.
My goal is to help you
Create a better future
Because i want to
Because i love you

And thats it.

Compress, cram, jam. Traffic jam?
No silly. Jam for your crumpets.
You requested it.
But im more of a salt person.
Never did have a sweet tooth.
Are you surprised?

Didnt think so.



You hate
You hate me

You love
You hate me

You sell
You sold me

Your jealousy.

Feel me
Feel it now

Cry out
Cry tears now

Dry them
Hide it now

Your pain
Your lies
Your night calls

Go on
Go on now

It falls
It falls now

I fall
My turn now.


Too high, cant come down

“She’s something mystical in colored lights
So far from typical but take my advice
Before you play with fire do think twice
And if you get burned don’t be surprised

Got me lifted, drifted higher than the ceiling
And ooh, baby, it’s the ultimate feeling
You’ve got me lifted, feeling so gifted
Sugar, how you get so fly?”

-‘Sugar’ lyrics.


I float through the streets

Smile at every face i meet

Striding on air with my feet


My heart is not taintef.

Im aware of the ugliness

I see this whole space naked.

You know the situation.


I hide away for a few days.

Speed through time in a haze

Alone, numb, absurd craze

Its the only real escape.


My tiny corner.

Felt like home now.

Faster than i know

Springs gone and it starts to snow.


Now i lay here

My thoughts, they come without invite.

I feel you with me

But youre nowhere in sight.


Why hello, its me again.

Just me myself and i.

Bulging spider eyes.

I was told big girls dont cry.


I know that when your world


In the palm of your hand

Just when you thought

You had it all under control


So here i shall rest my head

Under yellow skies and fire sunsets

I wont be scared, i wont bend

I know ill be alone till the end.


You casted your cruel spell.

It worked im sure you can tell.

You see, i didnt express things well.

Your own personal hell

But im not able to carry such a shell.


Its all going wrong.

Lust, friendships, gone

But somehow i am carried along.

So to you, i say, so long my love

We had only just begun

But all i hope is you stay strong.


I burn my candles all night

Flame in the dark

It feels so right

I can only relax when its black

Tiny spark for a little light.


We’re better off on our own.

I know its bitter and cold

I know nothing never lasts

A city with a cruel forecast.


I do what i want when i feel like it

So i cave in and take another hit

That one was perfect

What a rush, what a lift

Up to the clouds my body drifts


Downtown pedestrians

I am among them

I hold my head high

Passing each stranger saying hi

Oh i remember you !!!

From work, right ?

From back in time

From our ecstatic heights


You know

All day long ive contradicted.

Who you were, searching conclusion

You threw it in my face

Perhaps we both played our own game

From everyone i’ll forever run away


Life is a story. A novel. A movie.

Youre allowed to make your own ending

I wont ever live life, descending

I am me, theres no pretending

Hearts i am mending

Messages i am sending

Do you hear me ?

But everything you hold onto is condescending.


Someday i will understand.

For now i follow no such plan.

Take in the air and breathe.

Feel the soil under your feet.

I think i’ll be fine with just me

Thats how its always been

Walking aimlessly and incomplete

Oh, baby.


What goes around comes back around.

Keep an eye on things you take

Things you break

Even innocence has to pay.


Starry galaxies i play in, paint

Im looking for my milky way.

Oh father, wont you show me the way ?

Come take me away

No, because

I must love another day.


I know the scenario all too well

For my magic the people fell

Karmas a harsh bitch all too real

Got me bad. Hurting quite well.


You either got the goods or you dont.

People try, but only i can own.

They try to steal it but they wont.


Hearts racing driving like an aninal

Im feeling like a cannibal

Dont give in baby, no

Ride the ocean carefully and slow


All the souls in the world

I still want yours

Never did i feel

Felt like that before.

Unafraid, my authentic self.


Been running in the field

Yeah, the glass road

Far too long now.

I sit down to smoke.

Thick milky clouds

Reminds me of something i used to know.


Im tripping ?

Its your fucking fault

I hold on though, slipping


Yeah, you cant mess around with the living.


Tonight i ponder

Its midnight

Others, too, psychotic

Their demons play well with mine

Adding to my fuel and tactics

Enemies turning into friendly

Familiar and fun add ons

Yes, hold on my hand

Its so intriguing there.


Turn out the light now

Its playtime now

Beautiful and menacing

Tonight we dont need no sleep.


Starry eyes


Twin of the Pacific

I dare you to be specific

Whered you learn those tricks ?

I want to know what makes you tick

Youre so fucking hard to resist

Im ready for this.






I cant stop.

second time now.
Beautiful work. Wasted.
Dont forget about our


cant handle.me ? Cant handle the truth ?
Cant handle the reality being exposed ?
Then get out of my world
This is my reality
I make my own rules
I created my own game
And i wrote the instructions
Dont like it ?
Take a hike then.

Yeah, my minds too fucked for its own good
But sanity never proved to be fun
Yet another mixture

Oh, laugh. Wont you ?
I want to see you happy.
You hate me, so its crazy
But thats just me
My sunshines all around this block
This street
My own world
Its mine
Chaos, madness, peace and sleep
Dreams, sleep walking, alive and living
Walking, laughing, thinking and creativity
In which we can express in any way we please
So stop the fuckery
And stop messing with me
I can drcide my own society
Sane, psychotic, or incomplete
Yeah, thats it.

My work here is not done.
Nor is it incomplete

Work in.progress
Growing tree
Wandering soul
Not lost
Just free.







enjoy  the gift of life.