System Proposal #2 – MAN. Carbon Price Policy

Created to reduce green house gas emissions. As well as improving Canada’s adaption to Climate Change.

2% Global Emissions Policy.

Employment will grow, energy efficiency retrofitting, and renewable HEMP energy transit growth as well as reliable transportation tools.

Important technologies require fair carbon prices – 10$ per MT which First Nations people have already received.
Quality is based on future application in which transport emits.

Carbon Emissions should take place where it is expected to have low emission rates, thus reducing frequency and increasing production, so that loss prevention takes place.  Consumers should have a good understanding of the policies and agree to the terms.

GA must review data once a month to make sure balance between production + prevention is maintained, and equal. Furthermor

Less stress, more willingness, more frequency, more affordable, more recognition and benefits, more workers, more consumers and customers, never experiencing any lack in any field of relevance.
Benefits can be payed via extra materials, monthly, and is determined by the consumers average impact on the global scale.

Coal Power expected to be phased out and replaced in fifteen years, starting from 2016, as long as rate of effectiveness stays relatively the same without any substantial periods of absence or inaddequecy.


Outcomes : Regular and Healthy Climate flow, Easy elimination of forest fires and forestry damage, Buyers do not suffer, Consumers benefit and continuously return therefors expanding the economy without worry of any empty gaps between travels.



I am Rushing Clear Water Woman

“Lets go back
Back to the beginning
Back to when the Earth, the Sun, the Stars, all aligned

Going out is better than always staying in.
Feel the wind.

Let the Rain fall down
Wash away

Downpour on the trees
Clear the forests
Save the seeds
Stars tonight
You and Me
Who are you

Maybe a lesson
Maybe to teach
Maybe a love
Maybe destiny

Hope restored
Were not alone
Find your team
Claim your throne

Cause we can change the world


Wild fire
Burns like beast
Water falls
The Defeat
The Relief
Just use your imagination
Its all about creation
To form a brand new Nation

We are Free.
This is Freedom.

This Life is Serene.

Plant trees
To whats in need

Paint the future

It belongs to me
And im painting Love and Peace
Restoring humanity
The Earth
Piece by piece




Yeah i wont lie

My worst enemy is my own mind

But its not my fault

Thats just the beauty of design

Fuck, im crazy.

Completely nuts,

They could easily throw me in an asylum

So i keep my mouth shut.

At all times, about everything.

You will know when its time

A tid bit of a secret you kept locked inside

Can be shared with someone special.

Like you. Us. He wont judge. Laugh.

He wont leave you hanging in silence.

Instead you will feel the ultimate energy

Of a mind whom all its life

Lived, feeling insane, suppressed

It lights up with joy and intense excitement.

Sharing our unwordly ideas and beliefs together may be manifesting into something bigger.

What happens when 2 powerful minds are combined ?

See, he’s further gone than me

But doesnt make him any less than me.

They got to him

I wish he learned what i did for survival.

Play Along. Laugh. Retaliate – dont let yourself be bullied. We are not fucking dumb, and im sick and tired of people like YOU making people like US feel like theres something wrong with us.

Humanity is awakening and theres no stopping what we can do now. Embrace your gifts, magic, light, let it flow all around you, let it move mountains or manifest miracles, i used to be afraid to shine but thats what stars are MEANT to do baby.

Can we put the missing pieces together

And figure this out

Us out




Short stories arent working – not right now

How does one possibly find satisfaction in short, one liner two liner three
Short verses and poems and stories

Me on the other hand
My mind ceases to stop.
I wish it had a power switch
So that when i feel im not creating to the best of my abilities, i can turn it OFF.

One sentence turns to another because the firsf caused me to either realize something on top of that, or contradict something i may have said in the past, regardless, its traffic, but unlike traffic, its fast.

What was that ?
I think i just manifested again.
Right then and there my brain went blank and i, for once, looked around my space in the dim morning light, and just like that, the traffic stopped.

With that being said, i prefer traffic for now.
Afterall, what would traffic be without the road ?
So the more i let it flow, the more i expand and grow.
Spiritually, as a human, becoming whole.

Im astonished at where the night has disappeared off to.
Ah, let it rest.
It ran quite the marathon, im impressed.
Possibly beat its old record of 11 seconds.
Or twelve, you know, im really not sure.
Perhaps it was 11 point.. something.
When night time leaps into the morning like that, well, i know i must have been really enjoying myself.
Quite the getaway.

Ive never felt so free. I mean, as a soul being, i am of course ultimately very free.
But breaking free from all the mental chains that hold you back and imprisoned, (in which you dont even realize)
Fear, worry, need for acceptance and to please others. The need for someone to tell us, dont worry, this is all rational.
Ive come to terms with the fact that not everyone will dwell in the same reality.
Heck, im not sure anyone does in mine.

I stopped caring about that.
Oh yeah, i find pure joy in somebody complimenting me.
Even just a new follower is the most excitement i have ever felt.
Why ?

Let me tell you.
In a world where i struggled so hard to fit in
So hard to accept and simply just live.
Nothing was ever enough.
But this, this is enough.
Swimming in my thoughts and making these waves.
And for anyone who joins me while i swim, sail, or even float (like now)
Means they must get me at least a little. And i am not alone !

Becoming one with the universe is really confusing at first.
I falsely believed that i was something MORE than what i am.
But we are all one. We are all connected and every thing you say or do or think, is recreated somewhere. Not completely identical, although it depends on how you look at it and what you consider ‘identical’
In other words, each and every one of us are in sync.

So while every action has a recreation effect, it also has an opposite reaction.
Its strange to think about but this is just what ive found.
I guess its as simple as forces, like ions of a magnet.

We are all magnets to put it simply.
Your mind manifests your reality and your life.
Your actions and behaviors as well.
It all gets created shaping your very life right in front of you.
Law of attraction. Gravity, everything. Isnt it all just magnets ?

That was no coincedence.
I just dont know how to get the hang of it.
I mean yeah, its easy when your veins are flowing with artificial electricity
I want to get to this point all on my own, naturally.

Meditate so they say.
But it doesnt replace the thirst for blood
Wanting to fill the barrell
Push, sloooowwlyyyy
3 seconds and youre there. Literally.
Instead i choose to medicate.

But its better if you push through that first highway thats narrow dark and tormenting, really.
Depending on your method of travel
Youll want to be well equipped.
Or else you may fail to hit all the road blocks that were meant to be an obstacle, of knowledge, and your output. The plume of smoke you leave behind, mixing into the air, forever leaving its trail.
The best vacation is when youve been driving for three.
Accellerate, three seconds
Pedal to the metal, three days acccording to the clock. But when youre driving so fast it really just feels like you started your engine …. i dont know.. Time does not exist. All i feel is.. now. This present moment. I cant remember the past three days. Its difficult placing a number on a road. Well, a number associated with time.

Too focused on the road i guess.
No time to think about things that dont matter.
That dont have to do with staying put on the road.
And not driving into a useless shrubbery and bush.

While i feel like i probably drove into many ditches and wasted lots of time driving off course
I mean, why does it matter ?
Even when i review it later on and it makes ZERO sense to me.
During the creation of that content, i was in the moment. I was creating something, and just because its beyond my understanding does not mean nobody else will be able to.
The foreigners, the masters, the others.
The past, the future, whichever history it may be.
Whoever, it doesnt matter. But all i can hope is that somewhere, something, some day, will benefit from the imprints of my journey.
The ignition.

And you know what ?
I dont need anything but this.
The belief i have created to give meaning to exist.
THAT is our purpose.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”
-true words spoken by a fellow associate of mine.
I want to help others
Without working 9 to 5
But rather
Until i begin my work and strive until im out of order.
From one location, to the next, and the next, and the next.
Unsure if an existence
Of the destination i so desperately seek.
But what if this is it,
Sailing roaring seas
Driving until i crash and burn into a ditch.
A captain of my imagination and existence.
This is what i want to be so please accept it.

Just dont expect more when im conforming to this alien societys expectations, their norn.

If i could make a living from driving on freeways or highways or back lanes
Forever leading to something far from my understanding,
Oh, i would be so thrilled,
But then i realize that balance would not be fulfilled.

3 times a month
3 days on the road
And that is what i can commit to.
I’ll do my best but every attempt does not mean success.

Just remember.
My goal is to help you
Create a better future
Because i want to
Because i love you

And thats it.

Compress, cram, jam. Traffic jam?
No silly. Jam for your crumpets.
You requested it.
But im more of a salt person.
Never did have a sweet tooth.
Are you surprised?

Didnt think so.


My volunteer experience in the work field – long lost draft – retrieved

It started with someone whom I perrceived as the Ultimate Champion
He had it all. The looks, the nice big guns, the ability to do so much socializing in so little Time.
I was in complete Lust
I was in complete Denial.
Which manifested eventually into Anger and Fear.
I played with Fire. I played wirh Ice and I played with the Air and finally the Water

I knew I wasn’t just different. I knew I could potentially create something out of all the madness. I mean, i had before, after all, shocked myself when my thoughts manifested right in front of me.

So, the reality of it was, that I had just acquired some important informaation that would further me down my road to Understanding, Knowledge and finally, Enlightnent.

By taking everything I knew and applying the knowledge in the correcr aeeas, I could potentially create a brand new world of data, not for myself, but for those in need of whatever it is , whether its New System Proposals or Prosperity of a Region.

I  pledge the Unity of all Nations, under Freedom and Liberty,
To the Law.that all Knowledge is
Of Metaphysical Matters and Time, and in which does not depict a Reality other than mty own, and finally, to keep the Govern’s best interest always at Heart.

Please. Its all i want…

“You dont belong here”.
She said.

“Youre welcome”
I said.

But her words
Echoed so loud

That her heart shattered
Into a million pieces.

Perhaps i dont.
But just remember.
I dont need you. None of you.

But many of you could sure as hell use me.

Cant fix everyone.
Once in a while,
You will break.

Heart so heavy
But why ? They are just words

Its a cruel world out there
Be prepared.

And cherish the special ones.
The special people.
The special moments.
The special events

But forever
Her words
Will make me think
And have me wonder.

Perhaps simply because i want to belong.


Love will save the day

Why hello. We meet again.
Sooner than i would have liked to admit.
But hey. Thats how the universe goes.


I am going to make this short and quick.

Here is my valuable lesson of the end of 2015.
No matter what it is
That stops you
From doing something you want to do.
Go ahead and do it anyway.
It doesnt matter
If your family
Basic social beliefs
Or even your very own brain
Tries to stop you. And fill you with fear.

Think what it is
You want to do
While applying this lesson to whatever duty, chore, or practice you are in need of completing.
Does this action cause fear for others?
Will my actions and words purposely cause others to become fearful?
Stop and think before you MESS with someones innocent mind.

Now that was an example.
Long story short.
Stop causing fear.
Start fighting fear.
Stop letting fear control you.

It doesnt matter what it is
Who it is
What youre doing
What youre thinking
What you were taught
What is socially acceptable

As long as the lesson
Displays, teaches and educates
Vulnerable to

Love is the answer
Love cures all
Love makes us go round

And learn

We are not all the same
But there is one thing for sure
Our lives have meaning
And purpose. And sometimes, it takes a while to discover that.

You may experience
Even refusal to accept this new way of philosophy and reasoning.
This is fear
Fear is the enemy
Love is the  ammunition
That drives our souls
Unto the path
Or complete love
And linking

Think about it.
You connect something into an outlet.
This is connecting, and  creating electricity.. energy and thus power.

You battle with one another
& fight
This creates energy
But because there is no connection that occurs
There is no real POWER

End war
It is useless energy.
End competition.
Begin connections.
For it is relation
Which  constructs and forms and shapes. TRUE ENERGY AND TRUE POWER.


Understand the meaning
Seek truth
Teach the lesson
And never give up
Never lose hope
The world shall come together
And be whole again.


NEW SYSTEM PROPOSAL #1 – University of Self Education – A need for Legitamicy

I started this as a rant and somewhere along the way it turned into a new project proposal form. I apologize for the appairent jump from useless non serious discussion to a much more serious topic of value and importance. In fact i really should have seperated the proposal entirely to eliminate downplaying the importance of it. But those who matter dont mind and those who mind, well….


Excuse any spelling errors. Bad case of sticky keyboard.
Thanks for reading !

Fuck you whoever smoked my shit. Better enjoy that you bitch !
I begin to realize
That nothing in this world even comes close
To being as fun as
And then reading/writing/and making art while high.
Once you pass the one day mark
And nerves arent as much through the roof
And insanity begins
What better way to spend your time
Than to ride the crazy train
If i were able to aqcuire this level of insight and creativity without the drugs then i wouidnt need them.
What do you normal people think we do while on meth ?
Scrub the floor clean with a toothbrush , run naked in a busy intersection, jump off buildings n shit ?
Not really. That ideology is generally false. Cleaning can be fun yes, but theres nothing i love more than reading and expanding my knowledge.
Shocking ? Its a great tool for concentration, sparking interest and a higher level of understanding content.
After all, for someone with only a grade 9 education, id say that my understanding of various topics on the many subjects of science and art, for example, is above average.
There should be a school of self education. Id go far.  But attending classes all tweaked out is not something id be good at.

For example
Cite the main topics of a course that would need to be covered and ill teach myself that and more in no time. I would exceed expectations. Im so good at teaching myself.
Anyways by allowing the student to be self taught, they are able to choose whatever learning method they benefit the most from, choose whichever content is most appealing to them thus making it easier for them and allows them to maximize  their engagement by having their full interest,  (since they read what interests THEM rather than what they  are obligated to read)  this also allows their mind to further wander and obtain a greater range of information.
They also can work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home which also maximizes productivity and success.
Think of those with ‘mental health’ variations that may stop them from reaching their full potential if they were required to attend classes everyday in a large and busy school.
Take anxiety disorders as an example. Would someone with such issues do better while  comfortable in their own home, or while being a nervous wreck in a classroom
Its simple.
Provide student with course outline.
Student goes home and self educates himself usually by reading
He reads aalllllll there is to know about such topics.
He can take notes
Student is given a time frame
Once time frame is up, student takes final test.
how much the student really applied himself will show in test results.
I think a copy of the list of all content he accessed and used should be provided as well
Did he access books and articles and really dig to accumulate the best info ppssible and as much as possible?
Did he check for credibility of the sources?

Idk how university works
So if he cant use notes for a test make him take it in the classroom
If notes and data are allowed then location of test shouldnt matter
If notes are allowed then no travelling is required and student can complete test at desired location and have it transferred via Web to director/teacher
Closed book tests should be supervised. Student must then vacate to nearest location, take test while supervised and then it may be shipped off to directors location , or student could travel to director entirely. Whatever accomodates the individual.

Test could also be divided into the topics in which it is consisted of, and taken as he goes along with the course
Alternatively , he could write an essay or informational factsheet about all that hes learned. 30 pages minimum.


There are so many who apply themselves and acquire knowledge just as a hobby, why let that go wasted ? If fhey know enough to friggin have a degree then why the @*#& not !?!?!? They could acztually make something of fhemselves rather than learning and then practically throwing all the knowledge away never using it again
These individuals have social, culteral, psychological and maybe even financial obstacles preventing them to enroll and attend a regular university.
Among them could be someone who could change the world. Wouldnt that be a shame if we never saw them reach that potential because they, for example, come from a poor family and spend a lot of time working hard to help make ends meet
Someone too afraid to leave their home due to some kind of imbalance in the brain
A woman whose culteral beliefs prevent her from obtaining an education.

It should be noted that anyone seeking education through this system must be absolutely serious and dedicated. Must be mature and responsable. Preferably has demonstrated excellent idependent skills , is hard working and excels in working alone.
As he has a much greater responsability than a regular student. He must seek out and teach hs own content.

Similar systems already exist in modern day world in schools although im unsure of them existing within universities. But this particular new system takes it a step forward by allowing student to study whichever material they decide on and completely on their own, rather than providing the material, usually in packets of paper divided by course units. Generally it contains reading material, questions to both make them think deeper and also actually provide an answer to.
One may worry this is too much responsabiliyy placed on the student.
If hes the right candidate for the system, he will greatly benefit.
They are deciding whats relevant for THEIR gathering of the knowledge, what interests and excites them, eliminating any risk of losing interest and focus thus poorer success  it is a far more enthusiastic experience.

Also more cost efficient. While a course director or ‘teacher’ is still needed, an actual classroom isnt. Thus freeing up space for those who need it. Teacher must only prepare test(s) . Thus is not needed to be paid in full.
Money saved on course materials and textbooks
Economnic growth by upping number of individuals in the working field
The more the better. The more ideas, the more point of views, the more stimulation and growth of that area.

Education shouldnt come with a pricetag. In a perfect world, school would be free.
As far as the cost for students… it should be discussed. Keep in mind there arent really any requirements involving cost so overall cost for the students should be less than a regular student tuition.
We want to help those in tough financial stress . Cost should be kept fairly low.

Ideal candidate:
Possess and demonstrate strong independent skills in previous academics
Display good responsability and maturity
Strive for excellence and impact in their community
Obtained a score of C or higher in all previous academics
General demonstration  that education is of a high priority, eagerness to learn and good communication skills / listening skills

This helps keep those with possible restraints or differences seperated so that they do not clash and cause dissruption in one or the other.
This helps those who may be struggling to launch themselves into society and add valuable information to it.
This helps with the risk of possible harrassment from outside agencies
Maximizes life experience

Neda Kalantar, 28, from east india. Her interest is political science. She cannot go to school as her culture is a blockade. If she had a degree she could  introduce new theories and development to her country.
Serena Holland, 25, philosophy. A degree would get her pre existing work noticed impose new ideas and stimulate new comers. Depression stops her from getting fully motivated to attend a classroom.

Idea of new system stems from pre existing similar systems
Differentiate by placing all responsability on student
Costs almost virtually nothing (for facilitators)
Saves money, time and space
Adds life value
Everyone benefits. More number in work field = more info, insights and ideas = further growth of economy and society
Individuals are now contributing  therefore are more secure, therefore agencies spend less time and dollars on them
Higher the success, higher the new ideas and inventions, higher the economy.

people with such a passion should be lifted up and raised to their fullest potential. Not diminished and opressed. Great thinkers should be rewarded and not punished. With fear in the way, how will you ever know what could have been ? What they could have brought to BETTER and help grow. If you dont act now it might then be too late. Education legitamicy should be available to all who are in need. This is part of our right to freedom and expression.

Submitted by : K.A.S., Canada.