can we do that again sometime
where we fall to the stars and touch the sky
the citizens watched with utter delight
counting clouds and running  through the traffic lights
somehow on the ground but im seeing from somewhere high
my feet in the air, im floating, hovering, wait,

ive never felt such exhilerating heights
how was that the most adrenaline and fun ive experienced quite possibly ever.





in this scary world id want nothing than for us to be best friends, work eachother towards our goals nobody else could ever understand, empower, laughter, fucking madness completely perfectly intertwined thus connecting a large piece of the puzzle we both yearn to finish.
i know you. i know you because i am that as well. the chaos and madness and pleasure of it all. my little reality i thought was my own but indeed i have found another inhabitant.

i cant wait.



lets be fearless and do something …. well, maybe we should keep it a secret. 😉


perfection is.. Simplicity. The rhythm…

perfection is..

The rhythm and the melody.
Two souls recognition and their
musical heart beats.
Safety through their company.
Comfort in the chaotic catastrophe
Luminous, your eyes, gazing
Riding atop the traffic lights and questionable trees.
“Hush girl. Such childish dreams”
But you made them come alive
And I swear I couldnt believe my eyes
Senses heightened, moving through cloud nine
How was something so simple so perfect

How was a complicated, far-fetched, crazy little dream, fulfilled? So easily? Just like that.
Imagination is such a huge blessing. When youre a dreamer, haunted by this cruel world… Better let your inner child guide you through. “Heres to never growing up”

So. Why was a simple task so beautiful and enlightening and just magical through my eyes.
With all these tools we have brought together to the table. We can do whatever our little hearts dreams desires.

A their minds, wishes and imagination complimented eachother quite nicely..


“we can just run them red lights”

red lights, tiesto

the tools are faith, trust, & patience

and he showed  her the universe.
but he needed her to do it with him.

because theirs were the same. it  belonged to them.

they went fishing in the milky way and found something….


waiting for you to snap back to reality
waiting for this proof that im never even gonna see
waiting until the day where you finally look and notice me
i wait until the darkness fades and i get to reclaim all of my broken dreams

cause right now my life’s lacking meaning and im incomplete


fear not

please let this fear not

dwell in our physical temple.

for we made it to the very top

and thats the most far we’ve ever come

please, i tell you, rest your soul.

just lay back and let it go.

rest your heads tonight, nothing will show.

we’ll awake, and behold !

Morning shall come once again

and these memories shall fade.

Dont go to bed angry and decide tomorrows fate.

This darkness always goes.

its just temporary. or else go dose yourself.

Its nothing but a vivid dream

for the travellers and wanderers

lost but not broken.

I wonder where you are still.


I told you not to blame me.

No more excuses

No more stupid dreams

Im waking up now baby

this aint meant to be

I was only floating

You never showed me how to breathe

In a deep sea of the lost and the insanity

my heart was racing far too fast

I would have went to the emergency.

Theres no telling what exactly would have happened to me

Never forget and always believe me

When I say youre everything Ive ever searched for.

The only face I could have lived with in total peace and prosperity

On our beloved porch, feasting off our peach trees

But honey this aint the Jungle Book

And now Im leaving.

I now close the book of lies.

I saw such a hopeful ending.

But my memories of success never did exist.

Because you once left me.


I know we’ll both be okay.

I dont understand. God, I pray….

This reality’s too distorted

And so i cant stay.

What is it to live if youre always afraid?

And then I hear all your words whispered in my ear.

Out of this coma, this is when there will be tears.