randomness until i can rest

“a seeker has trouble ceasing to seek.”

and this is why my brain just keeps going and going like the little energizer bunny.
can i remove the battery so i can drift off to sleep
its funny to me how achieving rest becomes a task, a chore, id rather just ignore.
although my eyelids feel heavy and focus grows blurry
id rather just flow these never ending rivers of words intermingled creating things i dont even get to think twice about.
Forgive me, for my works of uselessness that I call poetry.
I cant move forward without it though
“how many more shots until youre rollin'”
well sir, its been three
i wouldnt stop here though if it were up to me.
id go on and on like the rollin’ tumbleweed
all the way down to Tennesee
“Yep, shes officially gone crazy.”
I could just see them now, writing things in their laboratory.
“Can we finally declare her as diseased?”
Oh, hate to break it to ya.
But i’ve got good people watching over me.
Anchoring me when I’ve drifted a tad too far out into the sea.
Without them i’d probably would have completely lost all of me
many full moons ago
but it even shocks me, i guess im a lucky duck for getting too deep yet always bouncing back
screw my head back on, and continue with responsabilities
that i do for everyone except me.
not to get confused with my love ministry
im talking all the crap expected from society
oh but im onto something, yeah
onto something far bigger and better.
God has something amazing waiting for me.
I have a feeling he may just grant me things Ive only ever dreamed….
just a little “work work work work work” to prove to Him I am worthy.
Now that I have a goal Im working towards
I want to be everything He knows I can be.
Sorry if I was late boarding the crazy train.
I promise not to screw up this time.
you can trust me.

and that is why i love this place so much. the capacity to just push this rushing river out, never stopping to think twice about
what in the fartin’ hell is just going on up there inside my little head of mine???

i dont think, i just somehow, do.