My T.V show idea (#1): Makeup Races


MAKEUP RACES ! Individuals compete in a makeup competition where an image or video is presented in which they must create on their own faces or a partners. they have a time limit and whoevers is best after the time is up is the winner
For example contenstants are shown


And are given only 10 minutes. (Trust me boys, thats not a lot of time)
(But they would receive images with more complicated makeup. This was all I had in my server [for an example])

I dunno, might be kinda bunk for an actual series but a good idea for a type of competition in any existing shows. Or even like a youtube challenge. Other variations of the same idea would also work for example like a makeup artist wars or something
Actually that might already exist
I like the concept that its a race and is timed so that the outcomes could come out messy and silly

Makeup tutorials have become so popular in todays modern society that I bet the majority of females have watched at least one in their lifetime. Many on a regular basis.
Me for example, who isnt bad at doing makeup and already knows most of the techniques, i’ll watch a couple a day simply because i love makeup and how it looks and find it very relaxing. I enjoy looking at beautiful girls and i think a lot of women nowadays are more open and would agree with me.

Because so many females already love the topic, i think a good large audience would gravitate something like this and would become popular, generating many views and profit for whichever network.
Youtube challenge videos with friends would also be great, similar to the blindfold challenge , with this being unique for its timed challenge ideology
With that being said, i guess its less of a race since youre not competing to finish first but rather, compete for most attractive makeup in a time frame, testing their speed, efficiency and skill.