spiritual transformation up to this point

and she was withering away
her physical vessel, that is
but her heart and soul grows stronger everyday.
who need facts when youve got faith?
God I thank you everyday.
Never felt so at peace.
The Bible seems to be saving me.
You have given my life meaning.
Thank you for your blessings and gifts.

I really really really cannot stress enough how empowering the Bible is.
(I thank someone special for bringing me to notice)
so I have a Bible app, pretty sure its just called Bible. It is THE most resourceful and helpful and gives Scripture a whole new level of understanding by categorizing chapters into subjects of relevance.
So basically they are all these plans you can commit to if it speaks to you, and you commit to it everyday, reading the chapter for that day.
I definitely have accidentally read past todays day, without realizing its all sectioned.

Anyways.  I cant believe I am renewed, I was such a non believer in Christianity , I went from growing up Catholic to basically a believer in nothing to believing in SOME sort of higher existance/God

I opened the bible one day and it really pulled my interest. Reading it served me great comfort and just some strange sense of meaningfulness and belonging and happiness i cant quite express into words.

I have been on quite the spiritual journey the past almost 2 years and I am shocked (in a good way of course) and rather quite humble that its led me to be saved as well as a whole new fulfillment that the bible and personalized bible plan has enriched and given me a new light and im, to say the least, a born again Christian.

I am so filled with happiness and I cannot wait to rejoice.


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