I told you not to blame me.

No more excuses

No more stupid dreams

Im waking up now baby

this aint meant to be

I was only floating

You never showed me how to breathe

In a deep sea of the lost and the insanity

my heart was racing far too fast

I would have went to the emergency.

Theres no telling what exactly would have happened to me

Never forget and always believe me

When I say youre everything Ive ever searched for.

The only face I could have lived with in total peace and prosperity

On our beloved porch, feasting off our peach trees

But honey this aint the Jungle Book

And now Im leaving.

I now close the book of lies.

I saw such a hopeful ending.

But my memories of success never did exist.

Because you once left me.


I know we’ll both be okay.

I dont understand. God, I pray….

This reality’s too distorted

And so i cant stay.

What is it to live if youre always afraid?

And then I hear all your words whispered in my ear.

Out of this coma, this is when there will be tears.

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