Dawn till dusk
Half a bloody week
She sat there till her eyes would bleed
Barely moved but body so weak
Aching head and aching teeth
Still she did not desire to eat.

I’ll eat my thoughts
And go to the beach.
I’ll pack a lunch in a wicker basket
And a polka dot cloth
Perhaps even a fresh flower on top.
But inside is filled with my self-pity
Guilt, shame, regret
Boastfulness, vanity and pride.
My fears my anxieties my crushed hopes and dreams
My lack of … everything i wish i could be.

You wont find table food in there.
I brought all these things for the bottom dweller at the beach
Hes hungry so he’ll eat anything.
I throw it into the abyss
And walk away.

So that maybe i could walk out of this room
And make room
For everyrhing I need now
To cleanse away these toxins
Salt on salt
Peachy clean
Out of groceries
Muster up courage to cook an egg
A bowl of soup though is usually my go-to.
Ill sit under my long lost sky
And i hope its sunny enough
To purge away all this darkness
I let seep inside
And drown me.
I’ll chain smoke a couple cigarettes
Ive only had one
This entire time
I lay here
With sleepy eyes
Half asleep
Or half awake
Give or take
But The brain wont quit this race
Like as if theres a finish line
Its not up to me when it runs out of fuel.
Or Parks its damn self.
Or which way it goes.
I dont think it knows.
It just… drives…

Maybe i should draw it a map.


Cool map bro.
Yeah, try and use it next time.
Is the goal to be spontaneous ?
Or have a plan, and structure ?

Being a Lion and a Monkey well the answer is quite clear.

In fact

All of them are.


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