Short stories arent working – not right now

How does one possibly find satisfaction in short, one liner two liner three
Short verses and poems and stories

Me on the other hand
My mind ceases to stop.
I wish it had a power switch
So that when i feel im not creating to the best of my abilities, i can turn it OFF.

One sentence turns to another because the firsf caused me to either realize something on top of that, or contradict something i may have said in the past, regardless, its traffic, but unlike traffic, its fast.

What was that ?
I think i just manifested again.
Right then and there my brain went blank and i, for once, looked around my space in the dim morning light, and just like that, the traffic stopped.

With that being said, i prefer traffic for now.
Afterall, what would traffic be without the road ?
So the more i let it flow, the more i expand and grow.
Spiritually, as a human, becoming whole.

Im astonished at where the night has disappeared off to.
Ah, let it rest.
It ran quite the marathon, im impressed.
Possibly beat its old record of 11 seconds.
Or twelve, you know, im really not sure.
Perhaps it was 11 point.. something.
When night time leaps into the morning like that, well, i know i must have been really enjoying myself.
Quite the getaway.

Ive never felt so free. I mean, as a soul being, i am of course ultimately very free.
But breaking free from all the mental chains that hold you back and imprisoned, (in which you dont even realize)
Fear, worry, need for acceptance and to please others. The need for someone to tell us, dont worry, this is all rational.
Ive come to terms with the fact that not everyone will dwell in the same reality.
Heck, im not sure anyone does in mine.

I stopped caring about that.
Oh yeah, i find pure joy in somebody complimenting me.
Even just a new follower is the most excitement i have ever felt.
Why ?

Let me tell you.
In a world where i struggled so hard to fit in
So hard to accept and simply just live.
Nothing was ever enough.
But this, this is enough.
Swimming in my thoughts and making these waves.
And for anyone who joins me while i swim, sail, or even float (like now)
Means they must get me at least a little. And i am not alone !

Becoming one with the universe is really confusing at first.
I falsely believed that i was something MORE than what i am.
But we are all one. We are all connected and every thing you say or do or think, is recreated somewhere. Not completely identical, although it depends on how you look at it and what you consider ‘identical’
In other words, each and every one of us are in sync.

So while every action has a recreation effect, it also has an opposite reaction.
Its strange to think about but this is just what ive found.
I guess its as simple as forces, like ions of a magnet.

We are all magnets to put it simply.
Your mind manifests your reality and your life.
Your actions and behaviors as well.
It all gets created shaping your very life right in front of you.
Law of attraction. Gravity, everything. Isnt it all just magnets ?

That was no coincedence.
I just dont know how to get the hang of it.
I mean yeah, its easy when your veins are flowing with artificial electricity
I want to get to this point all on my own, naturally.

Meditate so they say.
But it doesnt replace the thirst for blood
Wanting to fill the barrell
Push, sloooowwlyyyy
3 seconds and youre there. Literally.
Instead i choose to medicate.

But its better if you push through that first highway thats narrow dark and tormenting, really.
Depending on your method of travel
Youll want to be well equipped.
Or else you may fail to hit all the road blocks that were meant to be an obstacle, of knowledge, and your output. The plume of smoke you leave behind, mixing into the air, forever leaving its trail.
The best vacation is when youve been driving for three.
Accellerate, three seconds
Pedal to the metal, three days acccording to the clock. But when youre driving so fast it really just feels like you started your engine …. i dont know.. Time does not exist. All i feel is.. now. This present moment. I cant remember the past three days. Its difficult placing a number on a road. Well, a number associated with time.

Too focused on the road i guess.
No time to think about things that dont matter.
That dont have to do with staying put on the road.
And not driving into a useless shrubbery and bush.

While i feel like i probably drove into many ditches and wasted lots of time driving off course
I mean, why does it matter ?
Even when i review it later on and it makes ZERO sense to me.
During the creation of that content, i was in the moment. I was creating something, and just because its beyond my understanding does not mean nobody else will be able to.
The foreigners, the masters, the others.
The past, the future, whichever history it may be.
Whoever, it doesnt matter. But all i can hope is that somewhere, something, some day, will benefit from the imprints of my journey.
The ignition.

And you know what ?
I dont need anything but this.
The belief i have created to give meaning to exist.
THAT is our purpose.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”
-true words spoken by a fellow associate of mine.
I want to help others
Without working 9 to 5
But rather
Until i begin my work and strive until im out of order.
From one location, to the next, and the next, and the next.
Unsure if an existence
Of the destination i so desperately seek.
But what if this is it,
Sailing roaring seas
Driving until i crash and burn into a ditch.
A captain of my imagination and existence.
This is what i want to be so please accept it.

Just dont expect more when im conforming to this alien societys expectations, their norn.

If i could make a living from driving on freeways or highways or back lanes
Forever leading to something far from my understanding,
Oh, i would be so thrilled,
But then i realize that balance would not be fulfilled.

3 times a month
3 days on the road
And that is what i can commit to.
I’ll do my best but every attempt does not mean success.

Just remember.
My goal is to help you
Create a better future
Because i want to
Because i love you

And thats it.

Compress, cram, jam. Traffic jam?
No silly. Jam for your crumpets.
You requested it.
But im more of a salt person.
Never did have a sweet tooth.
Are you surprised?

Didnt think so.


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